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like smog 跟 like the smog

like smog 跟 like the smog


少了the 成立嘛?

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    THE只是一個冠詞, 如果是在口語, 不佳THE可以, 但如果是寫作最好用THE, 但沒有也不會有太大的關係

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    若是單純講煙霧, 這個the是不需要的, 例如:

    Things like smog, automobile exhaust, and chemicals can cause outdoor air pollution.

    Corruption seemed like smog, darkening the land.

    若是smog附有修飾語有特定的意味時, 才需要加the, 例如:

    Like the smog that fouls the air in many cities, electronic smog fouls the radio spectrum as a consequence of human activity.

    There was nothing to diffract the sun like the smog in L.A. or general moisture in Florida.

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