question about nunavut

i need a list of jobs in nunavut, Canada

can anyone help me

just tell me the category

DO NOT name all the job(because i might die)

this is 4 my geography project (it worth 30%of my mark 4 term 2)

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  • Joseph
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    1 decade ago
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    But since you've found your way here, you must have decent skill on crawling the net. Try searching for "Nunavut jobs". I'm sure you'll find lots of hits on employment opportunities in Nunavut. That should give you an idea on the job kinds.

    If your question is more on how people live in Nunavut, try searching for just "Nunavut". For example, on wikipedia.

    You can also try searching Statistics Canada for stats related to Nunavut. It's likely that they will have more than just stats on jobs and means of living.

    No, before you ask, I've not been up there personally. But some people close to me were working there for over 5 years. A very interesting place.

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