Homosexuality in animals?

Is it right to say that if other animals practice Homosexuality, it is OK for humans to practice it too?


"Animals also eat their young and have relations with their siblings...Should we allow that also if enough misfits come out of the wood work for those "rights"?

Because animals perform homosexual acts doesnt make it right for humans to do so. Also animals dont think the same way as humans do...animals act out differently from humans."


that comment was said by my cousin, Is he right? or he is just being homophobic?

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    1 decade ago
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    Animals eat their young for the same reason humans have abortions.

    As far as incest is concerned. It happens in nature just as much as it happens in humans. First cousins can have children turn out perfectly fine.

    It sounds like your cousin isn't that well educated. He needs to stop only reading headlines/taglines in the newspapers.

    Animals don't act different from humans. They do what they do to get what they need and make themselves happy.

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    He's right about animals behaving in those ways. They have relatively different thought processes (if any) and definitely a different environment which will often bear a large significance on their behaviours.

    Homosexuality is not really something that can be debated from that standpoint imo because there are way too many other things that animals do and we don't (eg. animals don't wear clothes). That doesn't make it immoral, just different.

    If you wanted to debate homosexuality, I suggest to look at it from the standpoint of human relations, ethics, personal rights and such. Makes for a stronger argument (for and against!)

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    early humans followed some of the same practices as animals, there are many cases of incest recorded throughout all human culture, humans starving have been known to eat one another even their own young, in fact in most cultures up until the advent of Christianity humans would often times discard their own offspring seeing that they were unfit. now a days most of these practices are outlawed due solely to the fact they have a negative impact on society today, incest among humans can produce children with genetic abnormality's because of duel inheritance of dangerous recessive genes so it is now illegal. abortion still takes place which is a form of infanticide, (i'm pro-choice to certain extent so don't give me sh** for saying that)

    homosexuality has shown to have no severe impact on society so there is no reason why it should be illegal.

    so your cousin is right to a certain extent, it doesn't sound like he's being homophobic he's just asking questions.

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    Your totally missing the point.

    One of the age old put downs used on gay people was, its not natural.

    The point about gay animals is, if being gay is the result of a choice, etc etc. the fact animals are also into a gay time proves that its natural.

    Or are you going to propose that magical God granted all the animals the ability to make sexual choice?

    All of the things you have listed, eating our young, incest, I don't know what town your in but here in the western world, we get to read often where some fool does those things to his children, so sorry, we are already at it.

    Incidental, we are no better than the animals as we are also an animal.

    We create and invent lies and distortions of fact to try to raise us above the other animals, yet the moment we draw our last breath mother natures steps in and lets us know, like it or not we also die just like the animals.

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    1 decade ago

    Let's see here. There are voluminous accounts of animals engaging in homosexual acts and also partnering homosexually for extended periods of time. Humans are animals (great apes, actually) who have been documented as having homosexual relationships in modern times and also pre-modern times. So, if it is documented that animals naturally engage in homosexual activity, then it is natural for humans (who are animals) to engage in homosexual activity. It's faulty reasoning to separate humans from animals and thereby make humans seem like something outside of nature. Now, as to whether or not its "okay"... that's decided in a larger social context. According to some religions homosexuality is amoral and so, for some social groups, these behaviors are not "okay". Other animals, lacking in religion, don't have a problem with homosexuality. The stigma against homosexuality is also a temporally limited social view. In ancient Athens homosexual relationships between older men and young men were considered natural and healthy, for example. Keep in mind that Athens harbored some of the greatest minds in history, so homosexuality must not be terribly abnormal. I suppose the point of this rambling answer is to say that homosexuality occurs in nature, we are part of the natural world, therefore it occurs in us, though, as with SOOO many things, it is, for a time, considered amoral by the powers that be, which does NOT mean that it is wrong in the absolute sense. So, there you go.

  • Clint
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    1 decade ago

    He has a point.

    Here's the deal:

    1) Argument against: Homosexuality is unnatural. Wrong. It is natural because it exists in the animal kingdom.

    2) Argument for: Homosexuality is natural because it exists in the animal kingdom, therefore we are okay. Wrong. The sexual behavior of any one species does not determine the behavior of another.

    HAVING SAID THAT: Homosexuality has been a part of the human species since the beginning of time, or at least recorded time. There is plenty of evidence. It is indeed part of THIS species' behavior.

  • dorais
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    4 years ago

    because it is been significantly studied and has been shown in over a million,500 species previous human beings. Scientists do not comprehend the reason in the back of the gay tendencies of animals, notwithstanding it shows homosexuality exists in all walks of existence. Animals are possibly no longer attentive to their nature even if it is gay or heterosexual because they don't positioned a number of those labels on the failings they do, more beneficial than possibly. they don't reason the way human beings do. EDIT: study some books on homosexuality and animals and lookup the definition of homosexuality in case you do not comprehend why they could call the movements of an animal gay... its sparkling you received't understand what the be conscious gay potential. "What does this ought to do with penguins?" very last I checked a penguin is an animal, that is what your question develop into about. contained in the example maximum folk are speaking about with reference to both gay penguins adopting a baby, scientists tried in each and every thanks to get the penguins to no longer be interested in one yet another, notwithstanding it did not artwork, which shows they were truly gay. As others have suggested penguins are ordinary for his or her monogamy.

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    1 decade ago

    He is just using backwards logic... Animals do this, should humans? Animals do this (and we think its bad) should we do this? He is using a straw-man argument. Eating each other is a tad worse than loving someone of the same sex, at least most would agree. Tell him his argument is based on an irrelevant fact.

    And to the person above me "When have you seen two animals having anal sex, never right?" unfortunately, no, not right. It has been seen and documented. And for your information its not the gays molesting children, its the straight men. It's kind of sad to see so many people using lies and misinformation to support their own bigoted agenda.

  • The argument about gay animals is the argument that being gay is a choice. Animals are incapable of making the conscious decision on whether or not to engage in gay sex. By that logic, they are genetically predisposed to homosexual behaviour.

    This is the logic argument presented that humans are also genetically predisposed to homosexuality, that it isn't a conscious choice. It is the way we are born.

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    I think the animal argument is more to refute the claim that homosexuality isn't natural rather than to say that "if the animals do it, so can we."

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