whats harder in the Air Force? EOD, SERE or TACP training?

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    EOD training is the hardest mentally. TACP is going to be by far the hardest and longest out of the three. SERE is all about survival, learn how to live off the land and evade enemy. Very hard but not very long.

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    It depends on what you mean by hard. EOD is a very tough course almost a year long and it has about a 60% washout rate. This is because of all the technical aspects and class room training. Also the standards for passing are the highest of any course that the Air Force has as one mistake in real life will generally cost you yours as well as possibly others. SERE and TACP are physically demanding but I have seen a lot of females make it through SERE and pass and I think probably TACP is the toughest physically speaking of any of the three and for that they have a pre-screening physical test and it is an AFSC while SERE is only a school or course that you are sent to and there is no physical pre-screening.

  • Cam323
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    Wow for the mis-information on these answers. EOD is academically hard and that is why they see a 60% washout. The physical portion is not anything to be feared at all.

    TACP is very physical and the mission they do is very high speed and dangerous..Dropping bombs in close proximity to yourself is always dangerous. TACP training is tough and very very physical as some days they do PT for 8 hours straight in the school.

    SERE is very tough and mentally stressful as well. It will see you colder, wetter, and hungrier than you have evern been. You will be expected to perform and teach under all the worst conditions mother nature has and maintain a positive mental attitude throughout the 6 month tech school where you spend weeks at a time in the field. SERE is its own career-field, not just a school contrary to what the other poster said..The AFSC is 1T0X1, look it up.

    All three are tough schools, but physically SERE and TACP blow away EOD. I have seen overweight females make it out of EOD training, but that does not mean it is easy, as the washout rates on tests show that. Also take into account in these washout statistics the amount of people that should never be in the military in general who try for these jobs.....half your washouts right there are video gamers who think they can do it in real life and find out that is not going to happen.

    Source(s): 7 years USAF, SERE grad
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    Bill R, You will not find someone that has done all three, also to clarify All three have P.A.S.T. tests which is a physical prescreening. Each has its own requirements as well. There is also Pararescue (PJ) and Combat Controller (CCT) both of which are the two absolute hardest in the Air Force. Best Advice I can give is look up and research each job and what they do then train for that. Look up the PAST requirements and exceed them.. if you can only due the requirements you probably wont make it.

    Try looking at SpecialTactics.com

    Source(s): SpecialTactics.com
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  • Megan
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    4 years ago

    Okay I'm gonna be alittle biased here because of the guys I've worked with. Navy has the best EOD due to the fact that they deal with the explosives on the land and underwater. Gotta love watching that water plum when they blow something up.

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    SERE never sounded like much fun to me.

  • Anonymous
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    try finding someone who's done all three.....

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    i had to train for all of them so they kind of ran together. i cant remember witch was witch. it is complicated.

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