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Please help me with my dog!!?

I got my dog friday night and so far hes only whynned a little because of the first few days. But now its tuesday and he's thrown up alot of his food.

We fed him milk,puppy chow and water. ( he is only 1month and a 1/2 old. Please help me and him.


we cant afford a vet.

Update 2:

We give him pedigree puppy chow.

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    dogs should not drink milk (except replacement puppy milk) but not cow's milk, they are lactose intolerant and can make them sick and vomit. Take the pup to a vet and have it checked out.

    and really this pup should still be with its mother and siblings.

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    Have you taken the puppy to the vet? If not, you really need to do that.

    Also, puppies don't need milk. A large percentage of dogs are lactose intolerant.

    And for the record, if you can afford better food, that would be a good idea too.

    Most of all go to the vet and get that pup checked out!

  • Try goat's milk instead. Cow's milk is harder for animals to digest. If you can't get goat's milk, try puppy formula. Soak the puppy chow until it is soft or powder it in a blender and then mix well. Don't add water unless the formula calls for it. Offer water in a separate bowl.

    Also your puppy is due for shots so it wouldn't hurt to see a vet anyway.

    Source(s): I'm from a family of breeders.
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    Take him to the vet if it happens more. He might just react to something in the food. Try different food and may be some puppy liquid because he is so young.

    Source(s): My cats can't eat salmon.
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    It could be because of the food change. If it's the same kind as the person you got him from was giving him, then maybe it's the milk. He might have something wrong internally. It could be his nerves, anything. Pull his food for 8 hours, then see how he is. If still bad, feed him boiled rice and chicken.

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    Nene your puppy is way too young to have been taken away from his mother !! Maybe that's why he is sick ? Plus dogs aren't suppose to have regular milk . Get that puppy to the vet and then take him back to his mother ..

    Source(s): My sis is a Vet .
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    The Milk is the culprit. Eliminate it. Their systems can't handle it. If you want, add a little cooked hamburger meat to his dry food., for nourishment, but drain ;of the grease first, or it might give him diarrhea.

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    Try feeding him dry dog food like biscuits and if he throws that up you really need to take him to a vet. You can also feed prescription dog treats and special meats you can buy from your local butcher.

    p.s I really need the ten points I even made my profile just to answer your question!

    Source(s): I am a vet goodluck.
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    Take away the milk and see how that works. Milk can sour a pups stomach.

  • You should seriously take him to the local Vet, cause that sound's like something serious. Take him in when ever you can get an appointment, cause he might have something serious. Good Luck (:

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