advice needed for joint loan debt?

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I'm looking for some advice on a joint loan issue i have. My ex boyfriend and I took out a joint loan aabout 18 months ago but split up 6 months later. we verbally agreed to carry on paying half each until it was paid up, but i am struggling to pay it myself. i have other debt and living expenses and i would like to break free somehow and get the payment down. possibly by speaking to the bank who the loan is with or with using an IVA. How does this affect the fact that it's a joint loan? does he have to do the same action etc?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Googling "UK IVA advice" returns 311,000 hits.

    The first hit offers "free" advice, if it is indeed free, it wouldn't hurt to talk to them.


    There are loads of adverts on the TV, Radio, the press and the internet all offering to help you with your debt problems. This can all be a bit confusing if you are just looking for some plain, down to earth, straightforward advice! By contacting us, you will be given impartial, independent advice tailored to your circumstances.


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