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internet hookups? chat, etc?

have you ever done it?

what are the potential scams-not the downside but can they really get you?

anyway to confirm who you are chatting with?

are yahoo chats saved anywhere?

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    First of all, I'm a Corporate Security Specialist for a fortune 1000 company and have 9 years experience in computer forensics. Have I ever had a in Internet hookup? Yes, through a reputable company that matches people, I met my wife that way. The scams when chatting online (YIM, AIM, MSN) are mostly through what is called Social Engineering...that is...getting your most personal info by non-technical means. You need to be very very careful to never let your guard down when chatting online. There are scam artists out there everywhere. As for your question on confirming, the short answer is No, unless you are willing to invest time and money in such things as background checks or a private investigator, however, if a person is really up front with you, it's easy to confirm there identity using some inexpensive online tools. Yes, Yahoo chats are saved on your computer if you turn archiving on. You can find out how with the help function. I suggest you do so, you may need them as evidence in the future if anything happens. Even though you didn't ask this, and I don't care if you are a guy or girl, if you do decide to meet someone from the internet please do it in a public place with lots of people around until you really get to know them and their background. Not everyone is a predator or scam never know....

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    K first of all, don't do it.

    You don;t know if a) the person is who they say they are

    b) they're giving out their right age/gender

    c) they could be scamming you (for money, etc)

    You don't want to fall in love with a scammer. You don't wan to fall in love with a person you may never meet. You don't want to fall in love with a police officer in disguise.

    I read a case about a man who was having internet sex with a young girl and the young girl was really a cop. The rest is common sense.

    Back in the summer I played an online RPG and some guy's online "gf" turned out to be a guy in real life, and scammed a bunch of things.

    It's dangerous and just downright weird.

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    Internet chats are very scary because there is no way to "prove" who anyone is. I have "met" some very nice people but I have also been propositioned by some real creeps. I tend to stay away from chat rooms because I don't need the hassle of sickos sending me porn web sites or nude pics of themselves. Some people may believe in them but I'd be careful. Also my ex had several internet "affairs" during our marriage so that makes me pretty weary too.

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    i have domestically and internationally yes all conversations can be saved. always be sure that the person your talking to is everything they say they are it is very easy to tell if someone is lieing. i never had any problems i have been to Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Peru, Columbia, The Philippines, Germany, Holland and all over the East Coast of the United States ( i travel allot for my job). Never had any problems but I always chat with someone with web cam for a couple months before I wasted my time to go and "visit" them.

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    your more likely to meet someone if you put a profile up on a dating site then chat rooms , and just this week after being here on YA started to chat with a lady who like my answer to her question , we havent meet but it's a possibility for the future

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    no one come to know with whom u are chatting, but ur yahoo chats are saved in your own laptop or computer, in preferences present under Messenger title. when you ll open preferences, see in category , archives will be there, click on archives and you can see your whole chatting nd messages and off line messages.

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    u ppl p'iss me off

    stop being a p'ussy and start going into the real world

    don't go on some internet sight where you picture someone to be sexy

    and they look like some kind of star jones

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    You probably should get off the computer and talk to some real-life people. Online dating is pathetic.

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    My parents do it and when people find out their age, they just leave, sign out, etc. because you're either too old or young.

    P.S. They're divorced, not cheating (;

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    sounds like you've been watching to much Dateline "to Catch a Predator."

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