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Will you guys rate my WWE No Way Out 2009 Fantasy Match card? Please make your own winners. Rate it from 1-10.?

1,. Jack Swagger V.S Matt Hardy V.S Finlay V.S Tommy Dreamer V.S Mark Henry V.S Chavo Guerrero " Elimination chamber for the ECW Championship "

2. Cryme tyme team up with Primo & V.S The Miz & John Morrison team up with The Brian Kendrick & Ezikiel Jackson "8 man tag team match "

3. Mr. McMahon V.S Randy Orton " Street Fight "

4. Vladimir Koslov V.S The Great Khali

5. Edge V.S The Big Show V.S Mr. Kennedy V.S Jeff Hardy V.S Triple H V.S the Underaker " Smackdown Elimination Chamber for The WWE Championship "

6. CM Punk V.S Kofi Kingston " singles match for the Intercontinental championship "

7. Shelton Benjamin V.S MVP V.S R-Truth V.S Hurricane Helms " Fatal 4 Way Match for The WWE United States Championship "

8. John Cena V.S Chris Jericho V.S Rey Mysterio V.S Shawn Michaels V.S Kane V.S Batista " Elimination chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship "

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    that pre cool!!! i would def pay to view that!! :-) the only thing is add a diva's match like mickey and the champ v.s Rosa and beth! and like it would be shane not vince. and like i think cc may be back by then sooo yeah other than that it rocks!!!

    go swagger

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 Jack Swagger (He's good what else to say).

    2. The Miz & Morrison W/ Brian Ken and Jackson (They got the edge)

    3. Randy Orton (He hasn't had a good 08)

    4. Vladimir Koslov (I wanna see someone beat Kahli)

    5. Undertaker (I don't know why)

    6. Kofi Kingston (He deserves it)

    7. Hurricane Helms (Because I like him)

    8. Shawn Michaels (I want to see him be some kind of champion again)



    I would definitely watch that

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. 9/10

    2. 5/10 dont like the The Brian Kendrick & Ezikiel Jackson gimmick

    3. 0/10 mccmahon is to old to do a street fight

    4. 2/10 Vladimir Koslov is not a good heel

    5. 10/10 would love to see Shelton Benjamin in it more than kennedy

    6. 10/10 but both as babyface

    7. 10/10

    8. 9/10

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  • 1 decade ago


    These would be the winners:

    1) Matt Hardy or Finlay

    2)Cryme Tyme and Primo

    3)Mr. McMahon(probably)

    4)The Great Khali(I know he's weird)

    5)Jeff Hardy or Triple H or The Undertaker

    6)Kofi Kingston


    8)John Cena or Shawn Michaels or Batista

    I give it a 6.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Dreamer would win that match 8.5/10

    2. it says primo & VS, i dont know what u meant there, but it could happen. 7/10

    3. 8.5/10

    4. 8/10, that would be a good match, but it could be a no holds barred match.

    5. 9.5/10, Undertaker would win and have a another feud with Edge going into wrestlemania.

    6. 7.5/10, would probably get boring halfway through.

    7. 6.5/10, Benjamin would retain the title.

    8. Batista wont be back until summerslam, so hes out of the picture completely. 8.5/10, it would be exciting, but then turn boring within 15 minutes of the match.

    Overall- 7.9/10, im being completely honest, i dont think a intercontinental title or a united states title wouldnt be in the card, because it would take up to much ppv time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tommy Dreamer (Original ECW!)

    Miz and Morrison with Kendrick and Ezikeil

    Randy Orton


    Triple H

    Cm punk



    9.5/10 Change Randy vs Vince

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  • 3 years ago

    a million.) B. Kofi Kingston score: 8/10 2.) B. Tommy dreamer score: 8/10 3.) A. Jesse & Festus score: 6/10 4.) B. Fist Blood tournament score: 9/10 5.) A. Honky Tonk guy V.S Roddy Piper score: 7.5/10 6.) A. Cryme Tyme score: 7/10 7.) A. Melina V.S Candice for WWE woman's champinship score: 6/10 8.) C. Buried alive tournament score: 10/10 9.) B. Triple H score: 8.5/10 10.) A. Stone chilly Steve Austin score: 10/10 Overrall score: 8/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Matt Hardy

    2. Cryme Tyme and Carlito and Primo

    3. Don't care for

    4. Khali

    5. Jeff Hardy

    6. HARD ONE

    7. R-Truth or Helms

    8. EVERYBODY but Kane


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  • 1 decade ago

    1. elimination chamber ! edge jeff hhh big show vladimir taker

    2. elimination chamber ! cena kofi jericho mysterio shawn jbl

    3. jack swagger vs finley

    4. randy orton vs shane

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Kofi Kingston is in the elimation chamber match, shawn michaels wont be in the chamber match and vince isnt going to fight because he has a "concusion"

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