National Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day in some countries (EU) and I know Israel National Yom HaShoah is on 27 Nissan and other countries (USA May 8th) commemorate on separate days.

I have never been to Israel but I have traveled to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. I see that Israel also kicked off a new exhibit in Yad Veshem, Israeli Holocaust Museum to commemorate righteous gentiles, Noahides, who came to Jewish aid.

I would like to know people's opinions and if anyone has facts surrounding the Holocaust and what they have learned from them.

I learned that the Nazis used gas that murdered humans but only enough to kill them, not enough to kill them quickly, and that it was not pleasant (understatement.) I learned that there were individual people that perceived the threat early on but were powerless to combat it because there was not alliance. And I learned that individuals such as the righteous gentiles commemorated at the Yad Vashem and Holocaust Museums worldwide, saved Jewish people and made a difference. And I learned that allied forces that strive for morality, when combined, can defeat dark powers like Hitler.

I learned that was a low moral point in humanity, that in order to show the crimes that were done, allied forces had to photograph and preserve documentation so the next generation could understand the magnitude of the crimes committed against humanity, and mainly the Jewish people I learned that the documention was done so people could never turn their backs and say again "I didn't know.". I learned that local populations were brought to the death camps to show the crime done to humanity that they had overlooked, and they said "I didn't know" and the Jewish survivors said "You knew!"

What do you think and what facts do you have surrounding the Holocaust?

Please be respectful this is a sensitive issue.

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    I learned it the personal way...with a father who grew up in the middle of it. It impacted every meal we had when he got hungry & it triggered him. It impacted every decision he made, every panic, every stressed out moment, every moment of survivor's guilt.

    My leaving a bicycle in the driveway was grounds for a major screaming. My using a piece of clean paper instead of used. A telephone call when calls cost money. Splitting a piece of chocolate created a stir.

    Over our kitchen table was decoupaged photos of his family killed. He burnt the edges before mounted them. It was the only time I ever saw him cry. In the living room later on was a huge painting of a women getting raped, "She was only sixteen." That was his memory. She'd called out as the train pulled into the camps to let her live. Instead she was gang raped to death in front of everyone as a warning.

    I like may children of survivors thought about it a lot as a kid. Would I have survived? What would I have done? How did anyone survive? What if I'd been a German, would I have been moral? And the biggest question an eight year old can ask themselves -- how can this happen? This is the world I live in?

    For me, it was about that I couldn't fix it for him. I could never make it all right. Ever.


    To the answerer who said "poor Germany", the PC term is "Nazi Germany." And this isn't a German crime. This is what we are capable of, us humans. We are all responsible for changing humanity so this can not ever happen again.


    What's happening in Israel & Gaza doesn't remotely resemble a Holocaust. When someone uses that concept, it shows either how little they know of either one, or how little they care for peace & truth. In Nazi Germany, children were thrown in the air in front of their parents & shot for "target practice." People were mass exterminated 11 million people in 4-5 years, & used as slave labor meanwhile. Paralleling these is a continuation of the Holocaust, a denial of what it was & throwing hate at Jews in a way that's as insideous as Hitler's blames. Exaggerating from a couple hundred civilians & even less children to 5000 children, makes it obvious that you aren't interested in facts. Especially when the total blame is on Hamas for declaring war & hate & locating amoung those civilians.

    ""All But My Life" by Gerda Wiseman-Kline - that someone mentioned, is supposed to be an excellent book. (I've heard her speak, but not read it myself., but it's well received.)

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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    Having been to Auschwitz I can blatantly say the Holocaust is a load of crap. Clearly 5-7 million Jews died that's not up for debate, but its an understatement, and simply genocide. The biblical term holocaust means sacrifice, sacrifice likewise means giving up something for something else of equal or greater value. Well we lost some people at the end of WWII, but what did we gain? Generally people only like to acknowledge Jews dieing. Well 3 million Poles died, and with the combined number of Gypsies and homosexuals that number rises to 5 million. So really 11 million died. I think its tragic that we only care about 6 million, when 20 million Chinese died. Furthermore the holocaust was put an end to put not by allies that were morally upright. The US and Britian were bombing civilian targets to maximize causalities, the idea behind this was to make them quit the war and spare the world this mess, but that doesn't change the fact that they were committing war crimes, and the Soviets were going through villages raping. Around 3.2-5 million ethnic German civilians died during the war .. and so on and so forth. Finally reaching a grand total of 70 million dead. I think we could get more out of the holocaust if we looked at it as a bleak time in history where man destroyed one another, and their sacrifice was to teach us that it can never happen again. Not that it can never happen again to a certain group. Forget the Chinese....

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    It is true the majority of people did know. Some were powerless, to stop it, though my family helped many escape as they lived on a farm way out in the boonies. It is ideologies that give rise to man's inhumanities to mankind as Hitler thought they were the superior race. So pride and looking to oneself, instead of asking the Lord for guidance, will make it happen all over again. Unless we believe that the Lord is King of Kings and that He rules the nations, As ideologies cannot make a human heart compassionate.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the UK Holocaust Rememberance Day was on Sunday, and I went with family to an 'event' in our local area. There was some beautiful singing and several moving speeches - including one from an elderly man whose entire family was murdered. He alone managed to escape - and he joined up with the Bielski brothers, the ones referenced in the film 'Defianice'.

    We also had an incredibly moving speech from a young student originally of Sudan. He talked about Darfur, and also told us that when he grew up, he was taught to hate Jews.

    Then he went to study in Egypt, and met an Israeli for the first time in his life - and realised he'd been taught to hate for nothing.

    His speech was passionate, inspiring and moving. And it brought it home to us what is going on still in Darfur.

    Thank for you for this question - and also for your many fabulous posts, which I always look out for :)

    Source(s): Holocaust information:
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    Great you're making yourself aware. Nothing like reading first hand memiors or biographies of people who experienced it for themselves.

    I read one just last fall called "All But My Life" by Gerda Wiseman-Kline and it was amazing. It will leave you sober and make you greatful for any life you have that was not the one the Jewish people suffered at the hands of the Nazi soldiers and supporters. has lots of books. Just gotta take the time to find the one that interests you. Also, a classic movie "Schindler's List" is something I advise you to watch. There are many many ways to find out more.

    It was 100% wrong, and pure evil what happened.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I went to the Shoah in Paris. It was horrifying to see the mechanical coldness and efficiency of the killing industry that they put together. The records that were kept, the experiments that were performed, and the sheer numbers that were killed went above and beyond human comprehension.

    No matter what it's called, we must always be vigilant.

    Source(s): Reconstructionist Jew
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I learned that Jews are incredibly resilient people, and I have the utmost respect for them.

    I will always feel a little bit sorry for Germany, for having to carry that kind of history with them forever.

    I learned that humanity is capable of horrible, despicable things as well as truly wondrous things.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I forgot. I think we need a National Holocaust Remembrance Day Remembrance Day.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes Holocaust - Shoah - Why has israel not learned from this terrible experience?

    Israel's Jews take the Holocaust so lightly that they continually threaten their neighbours with one!

    Never forget the infamous, dastardly, threat of Matan Vilnai, Israeli Defense Minister, who declared that Palestinians will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust or Shoah"

    Indeed so it transpired with the recent wanton murder of 5000 Gazan children using chemical weapons just like Zyklon B was used on the Jews earlier.

    Surely Israel should have learned from the Nazis that man's inhumanity to fellow man will only breed revenge - as surely they will now experience from the sisters and brothers of murdered Gazan children and from the 100,000 made homeless by vindictive Israeli Army collective punishment of the civilians of Gaza?!?

    Well, yes, the Gypsy, Homosexual and Jehovas Witnesses and Mentally Impaired and of course Jewish Holocaust should not be forgotton - although it was a very long time ago and at least the Jews, if no-one else, have enjoyed billions of dollars of compensation already. What more do you want and why inflict another Shoah on your neighbours - I really don't understand?

    Really sufferring a Shoah and profiting from it by billions in compensation does not mean Israel should inflict the same on the poverty stricken Palestinians.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I learned(well I've known for some time) there are stupid dingbats who deny it happened.

    God rest the souls of the victims

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