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Have you tried Bare Minerals make up?

Is Bare minerals make up really benificial to your skin? Does it provide good coverage like they say it does on the infomercials for blemishes and under eye circles, etc..

Thanks! :)

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    Bare minerals is a good choice, however some people say that it itches their skin, especially when they start to sweat. This is because of it's bismuth oxychloride content, however everyone's skin is different and it may not be an irritant for you. If you have never used mineral foundation, then you will probably find it a much better option for you (depending on your routine). You control how much coverage that you get and so on. Also, as you have mentioned, mineral foundation is better for your skin - it is all natural, made from pure minerals and it can help your skin. (Here is a short video that talks about it's benefits:

    As I have mentioned above, bare minerals is a good product, but it may be irritating. Another option is Everyday Minerals. What is good about this product is that you can order as many free sample kits as you like until you find a colour to match your skin. It is a great product, it does not contain bismuth oxychloride and well, you can try it for free! All that you have to do is pay the $4 or so in shipping and you can test it out. They also have a natural reflection finishing mineral powder which contains natural spf! So, if you visit the website and click on custom kits then you will find the free sample option where you get three sample foundations, a concealer and a blush. I would also suggest getting a good kabuki brush, not necessarily from here, but there flat-topped kabuki brush is definately amazing. Oh and yes this will definately help to cover blemishes and under eye circles, especially with one of there concealers. They are both great though, this is just another option. You can also watch videos comparing them both on here:

    I really hope that this helps! Good luck!

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    I love Bare Minerals, it's the one thing I claim to actually help my breakout-prone skin.

    The starter kit is the way to go - you get two "foundations," a bronzer, and mineral veil to top it all off. Also, you get three amazing brushes.

    While I love the kit, I also spent money on concealer called Bisque. It costs about $15 and it is my favorite out of all of the powders because it covers the best.

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    I have dark circles under my eyes and break outs sometimes. It just didn't cover either well enough for me and i stopped using it. I went back to my liquid estee lauder and get lots of compliments about my skin which is awful without makeup. If I didn't have the problems with acne or dark circles, however I would have loved it!

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    Yes, and yes! I just actually got through recommending it to someone. It really is great stuff. It is very light, it doesn't look like you are wearing a bunch of make-up to cover anything, and it conceals all those "imperfections" wonderfuly! You should try out the starter kit just to make sure it is something you like.

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    I went to Bare Minerals recently and they did a makeover on me. I really liked it because it didn't look like I had foundation on, it looked very natural and pretty.

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    yes i've tried it but i ended up giving it back, i have minor acne here and there and when i put that on it makes it more noticeable. if you have smooth skin with no acne then it'll be great. it make my skin feel really fresh cause it does not clog pores and its really light. it made my friends breakout but thats just them, your skin tone might be different. so i'd say try it! it makes your skin look really clear

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    Yes! I got some over the holidays and it really helped reduce the redness in my face and I have been have a significant reduction in my breakouts.

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    Yes, I have used it and I LOVE it. And yes again it really does work, but make sure you don't put on too much warmth because it makes you look like you have too much bronzer on. But otherwise it is totally awesome!!

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    it doesn't work for me. it makes my skin look cakey, and very oily after 3 to 4 hrs.

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    I've tried it and I really like it.

    It doesn't clog pores and it covers well.

    At least for me.

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