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what is the process for having a family member in another state declared incompetent?

My friends elderly mom needs to be put in a mental institution, but the daughter lives a few states away. What can she do to have her mom declared incompetent? Or does she even have to do that to have her committed?


My friend ASKED me to ask this question in this forum!!

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    First of all it's none of your business. Second, if she is incompetent she will get in trouble on her own. Let it happen. I can't help but think you or she are trying to do this for your own benefit not hers. A lot of elderly get taken to the cleaners by relatives. You or your friend are despicable people if I am right. I think I am right because you did not mention any thing she has done that would be of serious concern. It can be done quite easily but I am the last person to tell you how. I am embarking on my new career of Social Activist in this very area.

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    If she is in danger of herself, or others, lives in unsanitary conditions and can't take care of herself , then your friend can call adult protective services. Instead of a mental institution she may need to be placed in A convalescent home.

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