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What math will a student be required to know and learn when enlisting in the Navy?

I am a math teacher and my student told me he is planning on joining the navy and does not need this information...what math skills will he need?

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    It depends on your job.

    I'm a STS Submarine Sonar Technician. I use a fair amount of all of these, plus others everyday,

    Simple Math




    For some allot of deductive reasoning, process of elimination and pure out EDUCATED guessing goes into it. If you want to caveat this, allot of the math, not all is done in your head, no pens, paper, or calculator, and being wrong can be bad, very bad.

    Source(s): Current Submarine Sonar Chief
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    He's wrong! (Imagine that! A teenager who is wrong?!)

    While he's in boot camp, he'll have to run a mile and a half in less than 12 minutes and 15 seconds. This will likely be on a quarter mile track. Does your student know how many laps he has to run to get up to 1.5 miles? If he completes his first lap in 2.5 minutes, is he going fast enough? Can he figure out how well he is doing when he gets his lap times? Can he do this when he is breathing heavily and sweating an ocean?

    Is 50 pounds of firemain pressure enough to fight a fire? How long will five gallons of foam last fighting a fire with a 1.5" hose? With a 2.5" hose?

    And all the above is just for recruits! If he wants to do more than clean toilets and chip paint, then yeah, he's going to have to be familiar with at least basic math.

    On a ship, the two greatest threats are fire and flooding. To combat flooding, sailors have to build shoring from lumber. This requires them to be able to use a tape measure and figure angles to be able to build the best shoring that will keep their ship from sinking. Not only that, he will need to be able to make the calculations and construct the shoring quickly, correctly, and under very difficult conditions such as standing in cold water that is waist high.

    If you'd like more examples, E-Mail me and give me a few days.

    Source(s): Retired Naval Officer
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    Like the other answer said, alot depends on what job you take. The initial test is the ASVAB and that depicts what rates you can go into...that and manning levels. But anyways, there are several websites with information concerning the ASVAB and there are sample tests to go along with. Best bet is to have your student talk to a recruiter to find out more.

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    Like others said, depends on your job which maths you'll use the most, but EVERY job requires basic math skills(fractions,percentages,formulas) and basic algebraic reasoning.

    I was a finance clerk on a ship. The math I used DAILY were fractions,percentages,algebra,geometry,and the 4 basics(add,subract,divide,multiply.)

    I would say for any Navy job, if you don't have basic skills in algebra and geometry, you're in trouble.

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    Engineers and Nukes are actually not officers. there is not any degree required. For Nuke college you circulate to a army electronics college and then to Nuke college. they're very clever enlisted sailors.

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    a lot. its a hard job

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