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Who are the Top 5 "Team Players" in WWE?

Meaning that they put the Betterment of The Company & The Business Ahead of themselves.

My Choices:

1 - John Cena

2 - Kane

3 - Undertaker

4 - Edge

5 - HBK

All 5 of those guys , Especially Cena , Care more about Advancing the Business more into the Public Eye , than becoming big Stars.

Guys like Kane & 'Taker don't want the Attention of being a Champ , Instead , They want to put Over the Young Guys in Favor of the Business.

And they All do a lot of Promo Work for the Company , Like Cena & Edge doing all the TV Shows , Baseball games , Radio interviews , etc...

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    Good Question.

    1. John Cena.

    2. Undertaker.

    3. Chris Jericho.

    4. Kane.

    5. HBK.

    In my view Cena and Jericho do well putting WWE into the Main-Stream public, to get more fans attracted,Whether Its Jericho and his Reality Shows or Cena and his Movies or all the Interviews the do to promote WWE the both help WWE get viewed in the Public Eye and they both give it a really good name, Kane and Taker as you said hold the Business together inside buy putting others a head of themselves, by pushing the younger generation toward greatness, While HBK mentors alot of young talent and makes sure they are in the right mind-set to preform.

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    1. Kane- Basically Gave Up His WWE Career In The Hopes For The New Superstars To Become Better

    2. Undertaker- Rarely Wrestles On Smackdown Anymore And He Doesnt Get Any Title Runs Anymore So Others Can

    3. Edge- Yes, People Hate Him, But He Gets In Really Amazing Feuds Which Leads To His Opponents Becoming More Well Known

    4. Tommy Dreamer- Gives Up Offers For Title Reigns So Others Can Have The Moment Of Becoming A Champion

    5. Big Show- Even Though He Is Mean In The Ring, He Too Has Given Up Title Reigns For Other Superstars To Have The Moment

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    1 decade ago

    John Cena

    Triple H

    Shawn Michaels


    Randy Orton


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    5 years ago

    1 DX 2 Brothers of Destruction 3 Edge and Christian 4 New Age Outlaws 5 Hardy Boyz

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    1 decade ago

    Same people but different order.

    1 - John Cena

    2 - Undertaker

    3 - Kane

    4 - Edge

    5 - HBK

    Undertaker over Kane because Undertaker rules! :D

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you, but Kane shouldn't be the second. A jobber isn't the right way to show your love to the company. Cause you don't show your love to yourself.

    1. Cena

    2. Undertaker

    3. Kane

    4. HBK

    5. Edge

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    Are you kidding me Cena is not a team player? Who is the last guy Cena put over who was not established? Do you forget the fact that he held the WWE title for almost 14 months and would not do the job and put over Edge? Cena is a joke and should never be able to lace up a pair of wrestling boots! That being said my 5 are!

    1. Ric Flair

    2. Kane

    3. Rock

    4. Shawn Michales

    5. Bret Hart

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    1 decade ago


    Shawn Michaels

    Triple H


    Jeff Hardy

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    mine are simmaler but no cena he really cant afford to be a team player

    1.kane-sacraficed his carrear for the younger guys

    2.undertaker-bosted many young stars did his best wit mark henry

    3.edge-put punk over boosted his carrear

    4.randy orton-hes a young but puts over the younger guy as much as possible

    5-Tommy dreamer-tryin hard 2 give the ecw guys exposure

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    1.Cena-make a wish

    2.Edge-does the first pitch for a baseball team in canada

    3 Randy Orton- a lot of interviews

    4 HBK- he does a lot for hes age for the WWE that's dedication

    5 Undertaker- same as HBK

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