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Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; PLEASE Help! ?

Hello ladies. I am a Freshman in college. Upon my arrival, I was unaware of the "taboo" about sororities knowing you have an interest. My problem is prior to discovering this, I accidentally told a few people that I wanted to become a member during my college career (note that I NEVER said that "I WILL be a member" because I know that being offered membership into a sorority is a privilege). I am afraid that the ladies in the sorority may have some idea that I would like to join because I also attend the events the sponsor but they act somewhat funny towards me. My question is (although when it is time for me to go to the Rush, I will have an abundance of service hours and well-above the required GPA) if they do know, will that hinder my chances of being admitted? Also, what would be some ways for me to know that they know/have some idea?

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    I also had no idea that the historically black sororities wanted you to keep your desire to join a secret. The National Panhellenic Association sororities are pretty much the opposite- recruitment is a very open and public event. It is very much a mutually selective process and you are expected to go to each and every sorority at least once. Everyone, in theory at least, wants the potential new members to gather all of the facts themselves and make an informed and uninfluenced decision. We are even fined if we are caught saying something derogatory about another sorority!

    If the historically black sororities are now no longer an option because you didn't know the unwritten rules and expressed your desire to join one, maybe you should consider investigating the NPC sororities. There are plenty of non-white members.

    Good luck to you!

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    I am not sure why African americans frat and sor want you to keep your interest secret but yes this is like an unwritten law. If I were you I would continue to attend their events and get them very familiar with you face and hopefully remember your name. In addition, you have to let your interest be known to them so in be yourself and continue to be cordial. What's done is done so no need to ponder over what they have been told. Move forward and let the girls get a chance to know who you are and that you will be committed to service and not just wearing the AKA paraphernalia. Go for your dreams. Keep your GPA up and stay committed to the community. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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    The best thing for you to do right now is kept your desires to yourself, try to get to know my Sorors as best as you can and go from there. Even though you may have said that you wanted to become a member whomever you told may have rephrased your statement to I will become a member or something to that affect. All I can say is be discreet and good luck to you.

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