Why does my baby fight me when nursing on one side?

my 3 month old daughter bucks and squirms and fights me when she nurses on one side but not on the other. She will eat from both sides but she makes it really difficult when nursing on the one side. What's the deal?

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    I'm writing this from my husband's account but I promise I've nursed all my babies! Try to mimic the same position using pillows, so that she won't be as uncomfortable on the "unwanted" side. You think ONE being picky is frustrating try nursing twins who only like laying in one position while nursing! LOL

    Try hand expressing until the "unwanted" side has droplets then use several pillows so that she is in her favorite position on the off breast & offer it first. If she really won't take it then use a breast pump to keep your milk production ( and size ) even! store the milk for use by freezing in 2 oz increments in milk storage bottle bags & use it for formula mix at a later date. ( depending on her age, of course )

    Also using a pump will allow you to see how you are flowing. My third baby didn't like the breast at all but loved my milk from a bottle. So I had to use a pump all the others did fine Au natural.

    hope this helps

    good luck

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    It is either a difference between your breasts OR it could be your daughter is uncomfortable in certain positions.


    Persuading baby to nurse better on the less preferred side

    * Try starting your baby on the preferred breast and then once let-down occurs, slide her over to the other side without changing the position of her body. For example, start her in the cradle position and then slide her over into the football position.

    * Continue to try different nursing positions.

    * Offer this breast to your baby when she is just waking up but not fully awake or already a little sleepy. She is more likely to instinctively nurse at this time.

    * Nurse in a darkened and quiet room.

    * Offer this side with motion; i.e. walk, sway, bounce, rock, etc. until your baby starts

    nursing well.

    * If let-down on the less preferred side is too fast or slow, follow the suggestions in Let-down Reflex: Too slow? or Forceful Let-down Reflex

    * If supply on the less preferred side is low, follow the suggestions above and in Increasing low milk supply.

    * If baby seems to want a faster flow from the less preferred side, then try doing breast compressions to speed the flow.

    * See the suggestions in Help -- My Baby Won't Nurse!

    * Patience and persistence are key. Keep trying, and praise baby when she nurses well. Most of the time a baby will take the less-preferred breast with time. If baby is refusing or nursing rarely on one side, you may need to pump this side as often as the baby is nursing the other side in order to better maintain your milk supply.

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    My baby did the same thing right after birth. It took almost 7 weeks of coaxing to finally get her to take from the other side. I was told that babies simply prefer one side to the other. I was told to always start her on the side she dislikes first and to be patient.. Now...feeding is fun!

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    Sometimes one breast may take longer to let down. Maybe try to feed before she gets worked up when she is relaxed from a sleep or in the bath together You'll find more information here. http://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/

    Source(s): Australian Breastfeeding Association
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