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Anyone who works in the lab at pfizer or a similar company?

I'm in high school and i'm interested in chemistry.

i'm keeping all options open, but i'd like working for a company like pfizer and eli lilly. I don't want to be a sales rep; i want to actually be in the lab doing research and experiments.

First of all what do you call your career? is it biomedical engineering or biotechnical engineering?

Secondly, what major did you have in college to get your job in the lab?

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    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry should be enough to get you in the lab.

    Source(s): Chemistry graduate
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    Undergraduate degree in chemistry will get you into the lab - but as a lab tech, not as a research scientist.

    Lab techs do much or most of the actual experimental work - which typically involves lots and lots of repetitions and variations, and a lot of set up and clean up work.

    If you want to actually decide which experiments to perform, how to perform them, and why - the thinking part as opposed to the doing.

    part - you probably want a Masters degree or PhD in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

    Source(s): former lab tech at Union Carbide, Exxon, and smaller labs
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