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favorite female superhero or villain...?

my schools spirit week is coming up soon and the senior class is going to dress up as superheros or villains. I want to be something original, that not every other girl in the school will be, but still someone people would be able to recognize. If you guys could just name some girl superheros or villains, and maybe some costume ideas, that would be great =]

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    Ravager from teen titans

    Wondergirl- jeans+wondergirl t-shirt

    Misfit from Birds of Prey- just wear a batman t-shirt, black leggings, jean skirt, cape. mask, and sneakers


    mary marvel

    saturn girl


    all the girls will probably supergirl

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    Since there aren't many female superheroes, unfortunately, I can't think of any beyond Wonder Woman, Super-girl, Bat girl, The Bionic Woman,

    As for Villains, there is Cat woman, Poison Ivy... becoming stumped now.

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    My FAVORITE Disney Villain is Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, not an easy costume to put together. Still my all time favorite. I have pins, cups, tees and made my husband buy the anniversary dvd recently and I'm 40!!!!!!!

    Maleficent appears in the form of a tall, pale green skinned woman with yellow eyes and a horned headdress, symbolic of her dark magic. She is clad in a black and purple robe with bat wing-like edges, and wears a gold ring with a large circular black stone in it. She has a pet raven called Diablo (the bird's name is never mentioned in the movie), and a legion of goblins and troll-like entities at her command. In addition to this she carries a staff with a glowing green orb at the tip, through which she casts her spells, which include an ability to teleport herself from place to place or send bolts of lightning at enemies. She is also capable of shape shifting at will into numerous forms, including a a floating light resembling a will-o'-the-wisp and a massive black and purple dragon. Despite this, she is in fact a fairy, like the other three fairy godmothers in the movie, rather than a sorceress. She is also renowned for her macabre beauty, possessing sharp, angled and striking features, and her attractive and seductive speaking voice.

    Source(s): Maleficent is a dark fairy and the self-proclaimed, "mistress of all evil" and main antagonist in Walt Disney's 1959 adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. She was animated by Marc Davis, and voiced by Eleanor Audley (who also voiced Lady Tremaine, the stepmother of Cinderella). She cursed the infant Aurora to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun set on her sixteenth birthday after not being invited to the baby's christening. She is viewed as one of the most powerful and sinister of the Disney villains,[citation needed] as she lacks any of the "goofiness" generally present in the later ones, while still exhibiting something of a dark sense of humor. Her scenes in the climax of the film are among the darkest and most intense produced by Disney
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    Poison Ivy.

    Source(s): Batman comics
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    I have one fav female villain Princess Azlua from Avatar...Shes strong,crazy and hot all in one!!!!!!!

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    It's a dorky show, but i love shego from kim possible

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    um none.....

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