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Paris, France travel help?

When does the high season end and the low season start? I am planning on traveling to Paris the first two weeks of October. I also would like some travel tips, input or to hear of your travel experiences to Paris, France. Thanks!

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    There is no formal legal definition but the low season usually is regarded as starting towards the end of October and lasting thru February or early March.

    Going to Paris in the off season is a VERY good decison. Not only will you save a large amount on airfare but everything is a lot easier when there are not hordes of tourists everywhere. Lines are shorter, places not so crowded and the local population is less harrassed and more pleasant.

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    Rillifan knows his stuff. I remember him answering some of my questions when I went to Paris, so heed his advice. I went to Paris in 2007 at the end of September and had an excellent time. The weather was gorgeous (60s-70s degrees F) and the crowds were not bad at all. I can't say we ever really waited in any excessive lines.

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    Those above addressed the first part of your question and I absolutely agree with both.

    As for tips and travel experiences, if you really want to, read my trip plan and journal on Yahoo Travel in Trip Planner. The URL is below and 358 other people gave it a "thumbs up" and found it useful. Many copied it and used it to plan their own trips. Feel free to let me know what you think.

    Have a great trip and enjoy Paris!

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    We're thinking of taking the fast train from barcelona to paris in mid-May after our cruise. We've been looking at the train fares on different dates and they seem to change wildly. Because our trip is so far out, it cannot calculate the fares for May yet. Can anyone tell us if the prices go up quite a bit for the train during that time of year? We were hoping that it still isn't "prime" season during mid-May. As we're getting of a ship, our schedule isn't flexible. Does anyone know? Thanks much.

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    take the Eurostar ! So you start from the middle of London and arrives in the middle of Paris. Easy, comfortable and fast. Have a nice time.

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