Green Bay now has the 3-4 defense...?

How will this work pan out?

Recently, Dom Capers was hired as the new Defensive Coordinator. If you don't know him, he began the 3-4 defense in Pittsburgh, then went on to be the Head Coach for Carolina and Houston. he runs an aggressive Hybrid 3-4 defense.

Mike Trgovac was hired as the defensive line coach. he was the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator last year.

Kevin Greene was hired as the outside linebackers coach. he is the popular LB from the 90's in Pittsburgh and Carolina. recently, he volunteered to coach during camps for Pittsburgh.

How will Green Bay's defense look this year? Will Ted Thompson finally open his wallet to sign a free agent like Julius Peppers? Will AJ Hawk play on the outside or in the middle. i like this scenario: RE- Cullen Jenkins NG- our 1st Round draft pick. hopefully the guy from BC LE- Aaron Kampmann ROLB- Julius Peppers MLB- Brandon Chillar (if James Laurinitis is not available in the 2nd round) MLB- Nick Barnett LOLB- AJ Hawk

Hawk is our fastest LB, so wouldn't it be best to put him on the outside?

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    It's too early to speculate since the off season addition of players and more specifically the draft hasn't taken place yet. But I feel that the coaching moves that were made are excellent. The Packer's D this past season obviously needed to be more aggressive and just over all to be meaner. I feel that with the addition of Capers as well as Greene to mentor the OLB's will bring a lot of that to the table. I'm really excited to see what the Packers do in the draft as well as free agency. Obviously if the Packers can get Peppers, it would really make this defense very dangerous and if the Packers can get a good DT the team will have a great chance of getting back to the play off caliber team they were a year ago. The Packers also have to consider maybe getting a CB in the draft that can play bump and run as well as Harris and Woodson since those two are getting up there in age. Another area to look at too is the OL since Tauscher and Clifton are getting older as well. Like I said, I can't wait to see how this team will be put together.

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    Peppers not on the Packers, Hawk will be a ILB, Jenkins will still be a DE, Kampman a OLB, Lauranitis is a bad fit for a 3-4 defense, Hawk and Barnett are ILB, Poppinga and Kampman OLB, Hawk would be a horrible OLB you don't have to be fast to play that position. By the way Peppers hates Trgovac so that basically screwed the Packers. Hawk is the prototypical OLB ina 4-3 not a 3-4. 3-4 OLBs are basically DEs in a 4-3 but more athletic. Hawk and Barnett will get 100 tackles each at ILB.

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    I think the defensive staff that McCarthy has assembled so far is great. All of them seem to have had pretty good careers, and they all will be able to contribute to our new 3-4 defense.

    I think the signing of all these carolina coaches and players points at trying to sign Peppers which is greatly needed. If that were to happen i think thee personal would go as followed, RE- Cullen Jenkins, NG- Raji from BC if we can get him, or Pickett, LE- Jolly, LOLB-Kampan( from what I have read it sounds like they want to make him into a hybrid LB/DE, similar to guys like Ware, Harrison) ROLB-Peppers if we sign him, Hawk if we dont, ILB's- Hawk and Barnett, probably Chillar if we cant get Peppers.

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    As a Steelers fan, I will guarantee that A.J. Hawk will become the next 'Kevin Greene' for the Packers. I watched Hawk at OSU and his ferocity is incredible, reminded me a lot of Greene when he played for the Steelers. LaMarr Woodley from the Steelers would not be as good as he was this season without Greene being their helping him; Kevin did a lot for the linebacking corps in Pittsburgh and he will do a lot for the Packers as well. I wish him the best. Ironically, the Steelers do play the Packers next season.

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