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Do Jehovah's Witnesses still call policemen ____ Fascists and ___ ____ Racketeers?

I posted a similar question two weeks ago, but it was removed because Y/A does not allow the kind of language used by the Jehovah's Witness in this case. So, I am not going to use any of the words that the Witness used in addressing the policeman. If you want to read the profane words he uttered, feel free to read the Supreme Court opinion here:

In the U.S., the First Amendment prohibits the government from abridging freedom of speech. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as obscenity and the classic example of falsely shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater. Another exception is known as "fighting words." The most important Supreme Court case regarding "fighting words" is Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire. See

Chaplinsky was a JW, but for reasons laid out below, this case is not mentioned in the Proclaimers book.

Brother Chaplinsky was street witnessing one Saturday afternoon in Rochester New Hampshire in 1940. He, like other witnesses at the time, was picketing, carrying a sign denouncing religion as "a snare and a racket." Not surprisinly, this caused a commotion among the townspeople.

At some point, a police officer showed up, and Chaplinsky asked the cop to arrest the ones responsible for the disturbance, but the cop refused. In response, Chaplinsky allegedly called the officer "a --- ------racketeer" and "a ------ Fascist." Chaplinsky was subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted for violating a state law against public cursing.

Chaplinsky appealed the decision all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Watchtower president J.F. "Judge" Rutherford and Hayden Covington represented him.

The Supreme Court affirmed Brother Chaplinksy's conviction for public cursing. The court held that not all speech is protected by the 1st Amendment, and that Brother Chaplinsky's insults were unprotected speech.

So, do JWs still use this type of language in referring to our "superior authorities"? Or has there been some new light on the matter?


@"Line Dancer" please explain how a famous Supreme Court case is a "lie" and "unsubstantiated rumor."

This should be good...

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    No. BTW, why do you have such an obsession with JWs?

    You should know that JWs are outstanding citizens, no matter what country they live in. When there are riots or other civil unrest, how many JWs do you think there are in the crowds? I would say none.

    This forum is supposed to be for the friendly exchange of religious ideas and thoughts, NOT for the purpose of spreading lies and unsubstantiated rumors. Shame on you.

    Would you like to condemn the ancient world for saying our planet was flat?

    It figures that an ex-JW would believe you when you said that JWs use profanity. How many others do you want in your cheering section? Did you notice that she also used the word "Lord" in vain?

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    Instead of responding with an honest answer I see my brothers and sisters jumping to conclusions, judging, avoiding the question by calling the issue a lie, and being sarcastic. As an elder in my congregation I have to say that this behavior is much like that of potty-mouthed Chaplinsky of 1942 and that it is reproachable.

    As far as the New Light on the issue, apparently the Supreme Court has more authority than Judge Rutherford, the mentally ill, perpetually drunk, foul-mouthed 2nd president of the Watchtower Society. Nowadays, the JWs are exhorted to avoid vulgarities in all situations and to treat the Authorities with respect, even if they do not always obey them by being cowards and not joining the Army even to serve as a med-tech, cook, or quartermaster.

    So, Supreme Court trumps WTS.

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    JWs try to follow the Bible to the best of their knowledge. Sounds like this guy had a slip up and was maybe too prideful to admit he was wrong. There's a verse in the Bible that says a soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger. Every JW I know does not feel that way about policemen. Sounds like this guy was having a bad month.

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    Policemen are thugs in uniforms and most of them cannot be trusted. I had my car broken into once and I found a ticket on my window because one wheel was slightly encroaching on to a double yellow line, when I phoned them they were not intrested in the crime but were most keen to threaten me with court action should I not pay the £30.00, my response probably was very similar to the deleted words.

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    And in the mean time... your lovely christians brothers in Christ are killing pople in Iraq and Afghanistan....66% of soldiers are christians and your church supported the assasination of them...but you are so concern for JWs and a bad word.....

    If you are looking for excuses to keep killing like a coward George...go on....don't worry .....the time will come that your knowledge wont be enough to keep your life safe.....

    1 million of deads....and God is seeing that...and your coward support

    Curious george is a coward...and Desert Rose... is the responsible of that statement and can prove that anywhere

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    Dear Jorge,

    The present is NOW (2009)

    The future is yours to embrace, take hold of it.

    Don't get stuck in the past (1942)

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    Not to their faces!

    Not after the PASTING they got at the hands of the Supreme Court....

    Instead they focus their negativity and harsh words on people who question and disagree with their organization. They slander people like me by calling me an apostate or an apostie, when I NEVER left God, just their group. Maybe I should sue them and let them take me to the Supreme Court?

  • 1940??

    Oh you're really grasping at straws now..

    Anyone who knows Jehovah's Witnesses (whether they agree with our beliefs are not) know for sure that we are law-abiding & respectful people. Especially the authorities

    Yes, and I'm curious too (if you pardon the pun)... What is your obsession with us?

    Whatever it is... Let it go, you'll feel much better & calmer

    Source(s): (still laughing at 1940...)
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    Oh, lordy, a JW said a bad word! 68 years ago! What will become of us all!

    In other words, who cares. It's an interesting legal question, but that's all.

    Source(s): ex-JW
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    ya, know, im a witness and thinking of being a police officer myself

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