Question about Oracle RDBMS - help me please?


I get constantly confused about Oracle. What is a database and an instance? Which of these stores the "real information"? And what about the redo logs, etc? Can someone help me clarify these please? Many Thinks.

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    Oracle Database is Oracle Files + Oracle Memory (known as SGA)

    Oracle Instance is Oracle Memory (known as SGA)

    Both store real information

    Oracle database files consists of

    1. Datafile (file that store your records)

    2. Redolog file (and archived redo log files, to undo and redo database changes)

    3. controlfiles (to keep track of oracle status, condition)

    4. and other files (binary file - sqlplus, exp/imp, parameter file - setting of the database, alert files - database activity including error)

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    Redo-log files are used to record all changes made to the data for use in backup and recovery.

    This link shud help

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    What is in a RDBS?

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