Winter weather travel?

I live in SE ohio and I'm going to be traveling by car to Tampa, FL for the Super Bowl. I'll be leaving early on Saturday. What I want to know is looking the radar and the big stretch of winter weather the midwest is getting; How bad its it going to be going through mountainous states such as WVA and VA? Will it be safe to travel? I've been trough these states before when there was already snow on the ground but it wasn't this bad. Another big question I have is how long is this weather going to last through mainly WVA and VA?


Oh I'm going Chuck. I don't care if I have to walk. I was just wondering if there would still be inclement weather that would slow my transit. Don't want to get down there later than I already am. I went up to Detroit for Super Bowl XL and there's no way I'll miss going to Tampa. Where the Steelers go, so go I.

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    Must travel through any kind of weather to cheer on the Steelers.

    This weather that is presently icing over the area will be gone by next Saturday and the Highway Dept will have cleared, sanded and/or salted any major artery roads.

    Good luck and have fun. I am envious.


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