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Would you want to live in a nudist camp for a while?

This is the situation im in. My mom asked me to come and spend the summer with her this year but the problem is she lives in a nudist society.

I love my mom and want to spend time with her but im not sure about the nudist society part. It might be fun running around naked all day though.

What would you do?

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    I would consider at least trying it. Very few places are actually mandated nudity, most are clothing optional. I am a nudist and the camp I go to is a clothing optional family campground. There are Kids of all ages there, several teens. They very seldom take their clothes off. Its a teen thing. But its also OK, because every single adult was once a teen.

    My girlfriend (whom I met at that camp), has a daughter who presently is 15. My girlfriend never brought her to camp, and her daughter always made a big production about how gross it was, so she was left home. Well, they moved in with me last January. Because her daughter was so against it, I stopped running around the house naked, and was very careful. Last spring came and we again returned to camp (on the weekends), leaving her daughter home, with the neihbors keeping a watchful eye.

    On the one hand, she always made a big deal about how gross it was, on the other, there seemed alot of resentment in her everytime we went. We offered to let her go, but she of course declined. We respected that, but under the condition that she conduct herself responcibly in our absense. Well, she kept getting into trouble. We tried to work around it, but everytime we lowered the "bar" for her, she just crossed the line one more time.

    Finally, we had reached our breaking point and just made her go. Then horrors upon horrors, the worst thing possible happened. She loved it. She didn't go naked, but she made a few friends with the other teens.

    Now up till that point in time, camp was only an every-other week thing for us. All of a sudden, I was getting pressed to go every weekend by guess who. The only manditory nudity at our camp, is in the pool, hot tub or sauna. After about 3 week ends, she decided it was time for her to go swimming.

    The funniest part of this whole saga, in mid August, her mothers family had a reuinion, and they of course had a pool (They were all non-nudist). The daughter went swimming, but wore a swim suit... LOL.. She kept picking at it, because she didn't like it.

    So you never know what you might like, or why. But its foolish not to try something because of what everyone else thinks. What if Christopher Columbus had accepted that the world was flat.

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    Ants and termites live in colonies. Humans don't. Nudist colony is a hater term from the 1930's, and no real nudist ever says it. There are nudist clubs, resorts, or camps. Many are year round, with indoor facilities. Nudists are nude when possible, clothed when necessary. Walking around with an erection, will get you kicked out.

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    The only thing that stops me is the fact that there are no nudist places nearby where a person can actually stay. They're all day use only. Don't worry about having to strip, most places are merely clothing optional and only require nudity in the pool and jacuzzi. I would suggest you go and at least give the nudist thing a try. Most people love it once they get past the embarrassment of the first time.

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    ALL great answers! Really liked Nuckelt's example!

    I Always enjoy the 'reluctent nudist' stories! - but keep in mind, they are not just 'stories', they are real life experiences of non-nudist 'become' nudist themselves.

    As others have said, especially with the girls, 'when' you choose to remove the excess baggage is up to you - however you will decide to take That step much sooner than you would think.

    Actually, I would make a bet of two days or less, and I would put the big money on one day or less, and on top of that - I would Not be surprised if it didn't happen in less than one hour. ....But , you get to pick the time!

    Have Fun!

    ...I still vote Nuckelt's answer though!

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    I personally would love to live at a nudist resort, or at least have a trailer or cabin at one. Does this one require visitors of residents to be nude? You could check into that.

    Anyway, go see your Mom. Try being nude, you'll probably enjoy it once that inhibition is gone. Take sunscreen and stop at the grocery store on the way out there. Most are in the country and your Mom may need something. Take sunscreen. You will find the other residents and visitors to be friendly people. I mean that in a good sense.

    Source(s): Home nudist for years.
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    Not a problem it sometimes takes a few days to get over your own embarrassment

    but once you get used to it you will be back

    I am a Nudist at home Most of the time summer and when it gets cool in Australia

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    As a nudist for over 25 years I can tell you would never be forced to go nude at any time. The only place where you would be required to go nude would be in the pool area, if they have one.

    I would say go, it would then be up to you how much, or how little, you took off. My only advice would be to wear plenty of high-factor sun lotion on any areas of skin not used to seeing the sun as you'll burn really quickly otherwise - and enjoy your time with your mom!

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    Go for it. You only live once, so don't squander opportunities to expand your horizons.

    If she lives in a nudist resort, then you will probably have to follow the club rules, and strip off. Just do it fast and quick, no pain. Like getting into an unheated swimming pool. Just dive in, so to speak!

    You won't be the center of attention, though people will notice you're new, and untanned. Most will go out of their way to make you welcome.

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    Try it on the condition that you could leave if you don't like it after a day or two. Chances are, you'll get used to it very quickly and by the time you leave, you'll curse the clothes you'll then be stuck wearing all the time back home :(

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    I guess if you are used to seeing your Mom nude, otherwise that might be a little weird.

    I've been to several nude resorts, and they are fun to stay in as long as you have plenty of sunscreen.

    Most of them are clothing optional, so if you want to be dressed you can, but you really stick out.

    Can you go for a visit first?

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