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what happens in X-Men 2 and 3?

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    HUGE SPOILER ALERT. So you know.

    X-Men 2 is really a continuation of Wolverine's story from the first X-Men, setting the stage for events to conclude in X-3. William Stryker, a proponent of the same scientific/military operation that first bonded the adamantium to Wolverine, seen in flashbacks in the original, is now using chemically controlled mutants to undermine their presence in the world. A chemically controlled Nightcrawler attacks the White House, and threatens the President, raising tensions in the world.

    His son, a powerful psychic, was originally mentored by Xavier but because Xavier didn't 'cure' him, Styker's son went mad from abuse, psychically torturing his parents until his mother comitted suicide. Thus, Stryker blames Xavier, and all mutants he can't control, for what happened to his family and his country.

    He uses a chemical, based on his son's mutation, on Magneto in order to force him to give details about Cerebro, so he can build a duplicate in the same abandoned Alaskan base (Alkalai Lake) where the original adamantium bonding took place.

    Stryker also attacks Xavier's school, capturing some of his students and Xavier, while others, with Wolverine's help, manage to escape. Meanwhile, Magneto is broken out of his prison by Mystique, who then makes an alliance with the remaining X-men in order to attack the heavily fortified base.

    Meanwhile, Jean Grey's psychic powers have started to grow uncontrollable. Her psychic barriers are beginning to fail, perhaps due to her conflicting desires between Scott and Wolverine or simply because they were never meant to be permanent, and the amplification she underwent, by using Cerebro in the first movie, simply hastened the process. In any case, the love pentacle (between her and Scott and Wolverine and Rogue (who has a crush on Wolverine) and Mystique (who is also strongly drawn to Wolverine) creates plausible dramatic tension throughout.

    Eventually, Nightcrawler is found and recruited into the fold, the X-Men/Magneto alliance holds and they manage to break into Alkalai Lake, where Stryker uses his son's psychic power to trick Xavier into activating Stryker's version of Cerebro, using it to find every mutant in existence. Stryker's ultimate plan is to use Xavier to kill every mutant in existence psychically, but Magneto breaks away from the shaky alliance and reprograms Xavier, through Stryker's son, to kill every human being instead. Xavier, along with all of the captured students, are eventually rescued, but in the process of attacking the base, the dam holding back the lake is damaged. Jean Grey then decides to use her growing psychic powers in an attempt to hold back the water long enough for the X-men to escape, but as the jet lifts off, she is overcome by the sheer presence of the water, and is thought to be killed. Grief and joy is felt in equal measure, while Xavier goes back to his school and Magneto, once again, is loose in the world. The final sequence of X-2 reveals Jean Grey's symbolic emergence as The Phoenix, a character, and character-arc, first introduced in the comic.

    X-3 really is all about Jean Grey. The scientifically sythensized 'cure', based off yet another mutant, is really just a device used to propel the action, giving both the X-men and the newly formed Brotherhood of Mutants reason to fight together, and to bring Jean Grey along for the ride. Although the most powerful mutant ever recorded, she really is dragged along for much of the movie, retreating back to her own childhood home after she loses control of her powers and kills Scott, then is dragged along by Magneto after she loses control of her powers yet again and kills Xavier. She tags along with Magneto as he assaults the research/production facility where the cure is located, on Alcatraz Island, and which gives Magneto (and the directors) a reason for him to literally move the Golden Gate bridge, and create a lot of uncessary special effects shots. Magneto attacks the base, the Xmen show up to defend it, alot of mutants die, or are 'cured' in the process, and just when everything is about to end rather peacefully, Jean Grey loses control once again. Then everybody makes a beeline for the exit, while Wolverine stays behind to finish the job. He then kills Jean Grey/the Phoenix and weeps for what he has lost.

    The movie ends with Rogue (whose entire backstory with Bobby/Iceman I've ignored, although its prominent in both movies) coming back to the school after having taken the 'cure' in order to be with her bf, with Wolverine staying on at the school, and with Magneto (cured purposefully during the attack on Alcatraz) playing chess in the park with metal pieces. He feels something weird, stretches out his hand, and noticeable makes the chess piece bend towards him, suggesting the cure isn't so permanent after all. That is how X-3 ends.

    The first movie is good, the second is almost as good, but the third is really a lot of opportunity and char

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