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Obama releasing Gitmo prisoners? ?

now, my friend and I got into a heated discussion about this.... I wont say what I believe..I would like to hear what you think!

Was Obama right to release, or should i say relocate them to the US?

For what reasons?

My friend also said that those prisoners had no jury [they were wrongfully put in jail because there was no proof to their crimes]

is she right? was there no justice?

She is so irritating! ugh! please help me and get some good evidence and answers... thanks! ;)

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    A. They haven't been released. They are still in GITMO and will be for a little while longer.

    B. Your friend is correct. The majority have not been charged with any crime and have not been given trials. Thus, we are violating both our own laws, the Constitution, and the Geneva Conventions by holding them for 7 years without charging them with anything. Some have already been cleared for release due to lack of evidence...but even then, they have no country to return to, so everything will have to be negotiated with other nations. That and the trials is why it will take a year or more to remove all of the prisoners.

    C. Now, they will be charged with a crime and given a trial. If found guilty, they will go to federal prisons. If found innocent, they will go to one of the several countries who have agreed to take them in. The US Homeland Security Laws prohibit them from remaining in OUR country--innocent or not.

    D. As for 'was Obama right'....see: Abu Ghraib. We cannot keep GITMO open to detainees because it already stands for something sinister and unlawful in the Middle East. Because we have violated international agreements, every time some Muslims hear the word "GITMO" they will be reminded of our actions there/or inaction when it comes to following international law.

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    The geneva convention states that non-uniformed combatants might want to be shot upon apprehension. Democrats specifically symbolize attorneys and authorities workers ( also stupid, egocentric those who imagine they are going to get loose advantages). be conscious how their legislations usually creates new kinds of litigation. As a pragmatic count number number, will squaddies take any threat, with a view to take prisoners who're unlikely to grant information and are possibly to be again to the battlefield if their criminal professional is experienced sufficient? Will they want to be hassled by using attorneys, stressful evidence? How will they tutor their attackers need to be jailed? this can outcome in fewer prisoners being taken alive. regrettably, blunders will be made, and innocents will die also, rather of having their destiny determined by using protection rigidity tribunal. be conscious that the tribunals did set some captives loose (a number of them wrongly - they ended up making extra attacks). it type of feels to me like the tribunal gadget might want to were honest sufficient. really more beneficial than basically being shot by using a soldier who'd somewhat no longer take possibilities. notwithstanding it creates artwork for attorneys, so the democrats will like it. And the more beneficial a criminal professional is at twisting the fact and getting scum released, the more beneficial they are going to like him - would even pick him.

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    Obama has not released any prisoners yet.

    He has decided to close gitmo within a year, but it looks like most of the prisoners will be moved to other prisons.

  • Obama has decided to close Guantonamo within a year but the details have not yet been worked out as to where the detainees will go, etc.

    Here is a good video of the truth about Guantonamo. I suggest you listen to it and you will see that your friend is right about alot.

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    LOL. You're at Y!A asking people for answers that you can say to your friend in a debate. Whew boy lol! Ever tried reading the newspaper?

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    They haven't been convicted of any crime. Try them. If they're found convicted. Lock them up and, throw away the key. If not sent them to one of the countries that have agreed to take them.

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    actually one of those guys who was released from Gmo went back to Yemen and took the leadership of Alqaida again,

    you can look it up!

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