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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Will I get into the University of Michigan School of Engineering?

I am a HS Junior in Michigan and currently have a 3.738 GPA (unweighted) according to U of M's standards for calculation, have had 4 family members become U of M alumni, ACT score 31 composite, PSAT score of 138 (71 reading, 67 math), am in a selective magnet school (Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center), take AP Calc AB, AP Biology, Physics B/C, AP Psychology, IB Business and Org., IB English 11, and have taken Honors Biology, Honors Earth Science, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, FST (Funtions, Stats, and Trig), Honors American History, Ancient World History, European History, Band, Wind Ensemble (selective honors band), French II and III, Honors English 9 & 10, Honors Econ (took AP Macroeconomics exam and got a 4), Honors Gov't, Forensics I (acting class) and Debate I.

For extracurriculars I have done Marching band for a year, competed on the school debate team for 2 years (went to states, got to quarterfinals, have other awards), played at Carnegie hall with Wind Ensemble, and am now currently on KAMSC's research team, where I will compete in a regional Intel ISEF competition, and will be going to an engineering competition in February. I have worked in two pop can drives for band for 5 hours each, two times helping the March of Dimes for 5 hours each, and have worked on replacing windows in peoples' homes for 8 hours. I have worked on a council to get a local politician elected for state house, and have worked in parades for another state politician.

Last summer I attended the Michigan Math and Summer Science Program at the University of Michigan for 4 weeks, and the summer before that I went to the Debate Classic program at U of M for 4 weeks. For this summer I am applying to the Research Science Institute at MIT and the Summer Science Academy at U of M.

I have been suspended for 5 days for lifting a password off of a computer. No damage was done, I had no malicious intent; I even helped then plug the hole. I simply wanted to see what I could do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's very good so far. Keep it up in your senior year and you can look forward to U of M, highly possibily on a sholarship.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    u have good chances... instate, legacy, high um gpa, ok act, decent ec's... i'd say 85% chance (cause eng is most selective at umich)

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