favorite pen and paper games?

hey guys :)

i'm at a loss - i need to reconstruct a classic pen and paper game - but i didn't play many as a kid - and i can't seem to find a large list anywhere on the internet - the only three i know of are; hangman, that weird dot/initials one, and tic-tac-toe ...

what were some favorite paper games you guys had as a children? sorry for the obscure question - but i'm hoping one of you knows of a really interesting game i haven't heard of ^^

thanks guys ^^V

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    There's one my dad taught me. Its kind of hard to explain but I'll try. It's called War

    You have two players playing, one is an "x" on is an "o".


    At the top and bottom of the paper, draw a semi-circle, and mark the insides with an "x" and "o" for the corresponding team.

    How to Play:

    Flip a coin or find some other way to determine who goes first. whoever does go first holds a pen facing straight down on the paper, holding the bottom (which whould now be at the top) by one finger. That person pushes the pen forward to draw a streak. Where the streak/line ends, draw another "x" or "o" depending on whose turn it was. Now repeat this process taking turns.

    Killing/Spawning Troops:

    To kill an "x" or "o", simply push a line through the enemies "x" or "o".

    To spawn troops, simply make a line like how you started the game.

    The object of the game is to hit the other persons base x or o five times. If you do, then you win.

    Hope you understand XP

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    Sometimes, when I get bored in Latin class, me and my friend play "The Alphabet Game".

    It's where we each take turns doodling something that starts with a letter, starting at A and going in order. We usually have a theme too. So for example, If the theme were food, I'd start of and draw an APPLE for A, and then my friend would draw BROCCOLI for B, etc.

    Those normal topics get boring, so we try to making it interesting (example, a fun theme is WHAT I WANT TO OWN, and then you can get creative, like American Idol Judges Underwear, Britney Spears' wig, Clay sculptures of myself, etc. The wackier the theme, the funner it is.)

    I don't know if this is a classic, but most kids at my school know the rules and how to play, so it's not like a made-up game or anything, either. Hope that helps :D

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    One of my favorite's was battleship...you have 2 players or more...each player has a piece of paper and each one draws grids into which ships are place eg; 2 lines = cruiser,or 4 = aircraft carrier etc...each piece of paper is set in grids, A1 to A9for one line for example.. you can have as many girds as you like. The idea is to call out gird numbers,then the opposing player must say if its a hit or miss,which you record on your paper...the first to sink all the opposing ships wins.Both sides must agree on the amount and size of ships before play.

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    There was a challenge once.

    You had to make a house with an X. It was just a triangle on top of a box with an X in it. You had to draw it by not going over a line, and not picking up the pencil.

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    connect four on graph paper!!

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    M.A.S.H. That was a blast.

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