University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio T-shirt?

I am a 1994 University of Iowa grad and its been a while since I was in Iowa City. Back in the day, there were a couple of stores that carried a great t-shirt imprinted with "University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio". Having since moved away from Iowa, I realize now that geographic confusion abounds. At any rate, that shirt always tickled me. I've googled and froogled and searched around, but have not been able to locate anyone selling such a shirt today. Does anybody know of any retailers in Iowa selling this shirt? Especially ones doing mail order?

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    Can't help you. But you may want to ask on the Hawkeye Nation forums. Lots of IU alum, Iowa City resident there. Probably have more luck finding somebody that knows, than you will here

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    Idaho Iowa Ohio T Shirt

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    Ahhh, I remember it well. I was back for Homecoming and didn't see it in any of the stores. I was in the Hawk Shop in Coralville over Christmas and didn't see it there either. Try ebay.

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