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How does a conservative combine the teachings of Jesus with his political ideology?

Such as the death penalty?

A christian is required to forgive and show compassion, otherwise he/she will not be forgiven, even if that person doesn't deserve it.

How does a christian combine the teachings of his lord with this issue? Should she/he compromise between the two?


Er, half of you are not even answering the question.

I liked the Pope refference though. :) That's a great story!

Update 2:

And I'm not a liberal! I don't know how you guys can concieve that I follow a complete politcal idealogy just from a question!

Update 3:

Yes, we should obey the laws of the land. However, in a democracy we are in a position to pick leaders that agree with many different beliefs...

If only Jesus were here...

Update 4:

Why does everyone keep bringing abortion into the question?

Off topic people!

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    Not a conservative or liberal.

    The death penalty should not be allowed but exercising your right to protect yourself when it ends in a death should. If you can't shoot 'em while they are coming at you, then you missed your chance. Now he/she gets to live in prison.

    Christians are supposed to forgive if they truly follow Christ. Forgiveness is divine. But our society is not Christian. True Christians are few and far between. Conservatives claim to be Christians when they act more like the people Jesus came to question. Pharisees, etc.

    There is no compromise for true Christian beliefs. Real Christians don't push their "pseudo-values" onto other people. Real Christians are joyous, peaceful, kind, gentle, and seek the Lord in every circumstance.

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    First, being a conservative is not necessarily being christian. Though a christian by teachings should be conservative.

    second. Not so much a compromise, but an acceptance.

    In any civilized society, there must be laws. If there are laws, there must be consequences for violating those laws. The worse the violation, the worse the punishment. At times, there are people that are so "evil" an un-remorseful, that as a society, we must remove them. These type of people also do not exist in a prison environment very well either.

    Now as a christian, I accept this as fact, and will accept the decision after I die. I do feel, that the death penalty is used at inappropriate times, and the people that apply it will have to live with that decision after they die.

    As a christian, I could not be a democrat. I must be a conservative, because Jesus would never have accepted abortions at will, nor would he have accepted forced charity. Anybody that says different, needs to reread the Bible.

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    I'm a firm believer that comparing Politics to Jesus is like comparing Apples to Oranges. I'm a Libertarian, Conservative on some issues, Liberal on others. I'm also Catholic. Jesus was a teacher and his purpose here had nothing to do with changing the Political environment. His mission had to do morality and changing the hearts of individuals, not Governments. As Government has done all it can in the US to kick Jesus out of schools, federal buildings and other Public places, I think that illustrates my point.

    Jesus wanted charity to be a choice, not a mandate.

    Jesus wanted us to CHOOSE good works, not to be forced into doing them. He focused on INTENT, not just the mere ACTION.

    Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus call the Jews or any subset victims that needed to overthrow their oppressor. The People were expecting a Military and Political leader in the Son of God. They got a Savior but crucified him because they did not understand that His job was to deliver their souls to God. Not free them from Roman rule.

    I believe also that Charity and giving and who I give my money to, is my choice. I have causes I care about. My neighbors have different causes they care about. I don't need the Obamamessiah to tell me who needs my hard earned money more. The American people have shown time and time again that they are charitable on their own. I believe in the sanctity of life. I would never choose Abortion for myself and though I have no sympathy for murderers, I could not sit on a jury and sentence anyone to die. I believe through my Conservative principles that anyone in this country with half a brain cell and a desire to achieve can achieve. I don't need the Government to help me.

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    Well, you can balance the two. For example, Jesus also taught patience and things like that. So if you believe that you must forgive, find the line between that and political ideology. Because crossing that line would be like forcing other people to follow your theological views. So, do what you can while keeping this balance is my idea.

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    Well first I am not for the death penalty. Just like Jesus a Christian should forgive and show compassion to a person who has asked for forgiveness.

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    All I can say is thank God our forefathers had enough foresight to separate Church from State in the Constitution of the United States. A true conservative would love to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. I am a Christian also but I will stick with the Constitution when it comes to mixing religion with politics.

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    As an atheist, I will comment that the teachings of christ are for all people, and all people are able to draw their own conclusions from it and make their own political opinion or reject it outright.

    As a conservative, I'd point out that the liberal politcal ideology marches in lock-step with Jewish polical agenda and Jews do not bother with Jesus.

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    Ah - the "Jesus was a Liberal" theory.

    Sorry, bub. The teaching of Jesus are not easily transferred into politics.

    And the one poster talking about the difference between forgiveness & pardon is right. If your idea of forgiveness is that a murderer should not be put to death because we need to forgive him, then, by that definition of "forgiveness," we would be unforgiving if we imprisoned him at all.

    - - -

    It's hard to transfer what Jesus taught in that day to present times, politically speaking.

    Example; Because he saved the woman caught in the act of adultery, does that mean he would be against ALL death penalty cases?

    And, if you noticed, while he saved her, he didn't back down on saying she was wrong. ("Go & sin no more.") I can imagine liberals screaming, "Who are you telling her what to do with her own body!"

    He obviously wanted the poor to be taken care of, but does that mean he would have wanted the government to be in charge of it? And 50% of the rich man's income being confiscated to pay for it? That sounds more like Robin Hood than Jesus Christ!

    He said you have to pay your taxes, but would he have voted for a politician who advocated fixing things by higher taxes?

    He taught obedience to the government, but does that mean he wanted a big government?

    I can't imagine Jesus being anything but disgusted by mid to late- term abortions, but the Bible is not specific on the subject. The issue of "when life begins" would have to be answered, first.

    But as far as issues like trade unions and strong regulation of business, strong environmental regulations, animal rights & gun control, it's hard to say, exactly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Luke 19:11-27.

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  • Jeff M
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    1 decade ago

    The Bible also says to obey the laws of the land. If the crime calls for the death penalty, there will be no issue. Proverb 8:13; The fear of The Lord is to hate evil. (Do not tolerate it, "hate" it.)

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