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How much does an abortion cost in Mexico?

Around Mexico DF or Estado de Mexico

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    In Mexico City (DF) is legal, so all you have to do is go to a public or private clinic and ask for it, you can check out to find a good place. Patients must have less than 12 weeks.

    In the rest of the country it's still illegal. An illegal abortion in a clean (not necessarily nice) place, done by a Gyno is over 1,000 dlls.

    Abortion is only legal if the woman was raped, or the pregnancy represents a mayor risk for the woman's health, in this case 2 doctors must state this. In some states, abortion is legal when the woman is very very poor and has more than 5 kids already. Even in cases when the abortion is legal, the pressure from the catholic church is huge, so women who get one are judged by most people.

    Personally, I'm pro-choice. Who am I to tell other people what to do?

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    Abortions In Mexico

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    Don't get an abortion!!!!!!! No seas tonta mujer! If you don't want the child god is blessing you with then put it up for adoption. It's much better then killing a baby. Please don't kill a baby.

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    I don't know if I would really want to do that, think about it twice!! Maybe thrice!!

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