About marijuana in Canada?

I've heard being in possession of pot (For no medical issues) is legal but I also heard the only illegal thing is trading/selling/buying it (You can grow some). Briefly, it's okay if it's for the personal kind of stuff. Is that real?

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    Canada in general is more tolerant of marijuana, but in recent years theyve been cracking down more and more.

    I live near Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and it used to be that you could buy and smoke marijuana not a block away from (or in some cases on the front lawn of) the Parliament (Canada's Congress) building. But with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives running things, there've been crackdowns and now the streets in that same area are clean as a whistle.

    In the legal language, Canada's laws are pretty much exactly the same as in the US. But then again, its pretty much the same in Holland as well, even though its capital, Amsterdam, is internationally known as the marijuana capital of the world. Many people think its legal there too, but technically its not. Its tolerated, and Canada was the same, and now still is to an extent but definitely not like it was a few years ago.

    I read a story in the newspaper not too long ago about new heat sensing devices mounted on helicopters that patrol the countryside searching for mairjuana plants. Apparently marijuana plants produce more heat than other plants and so theyre easy to detect. That and the many stories I've seen about the police busting pot farmers and so and so forth, indicate how the Canadian government feels about the issue.

  • Alan G
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    Last time the question came up for me was 1986 when I was at the World's Fair in Vancouver. Then there was a zone in the city where the ban was not enforced. I have no idea what it's like today.

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