How does Dimmesdale convince Hestser to reveal the identity of the baby's father in The Scarlet Letter?

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    As Libby (now Chad!) said, Dimmesdale is the father and knows it, of course. Dimmesdale was the one who didn't want his relationship to Hester and Pearl to be known, not Hester. Therefore, this question doesn't quite make sense. At the end, it is Dimmesdale who admits to being Pearl's father, not Hester. In other words, Hester was never the one holding back, it was Dimmesdale.

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    dimmesdale is the baby's father.

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    I refused to read this when I was in high school many years ago. I still haven't read it. There are so many good books with great plots, ideas, information and theories -- I don''t understand why anyone should be required to this one. Good luck to you.

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