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"Time" Poem by Valerie Bloom metaphor help?! 10 points!?

Time's a bird, which leaves its footprints

At the corner of your eyes.

Time's a jockey, racing horses,

The sun and moon across the skies.

Time's a thief, stealing your beauty,

Leaving you with tears and sighs.

But if you waste time trying to catch him,

Time's a bird and time just flies.

What are the metaphors in this poem and can you please explain what the metaphors mean? thanks!

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    A bird is small, its life is fleeting.

    Footprints at the corner of your eyes is crows feet. (Which are age lines around your eyes and indicates wrinkles on your face) As you get older this happens.

    Racing horses-- horses only have a few years to race then they're put out to pasture. Horses run around a circular track and the race is over pretty quick. Time dictates this.

    Sun and moon-- they are in our sky and then they go away

    Time's a thief-everyone inexorably gets ol

    der and dies

    tears and sighs-- everyone has pain, everyone hurts

    Time is inevitable it counts down the time of our life.

    you can't catch him--you can't chase time it will age you and kill you.

    Time is fleeting and goes and goes and there's nothing we can do; we are slaves and servants to time.

    The major metaphor is a bird as time so think about what a little bird is.

    Think of time as a little bird. I think that's the metaphor of this poem.(I also don't think it's a great poem and to try to help you has taken a while.) Age, beauty and time.

    The metaphor is the bird., especially and the horse.

    I hope this helps a bit.

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    Valerie Bloom

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