Best Google Adwords Ad for my PLR article site?

I've recently been getting into adwords for my PLR article website. I'm not sure if I'm very good at writing ads and I don't want that to effect my results. So with that being said... which one do you like best. (BTW you can say none of them if that's the case ) suggestions are more than welcomed

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Thanks in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In order to get an accurate answer you should being split testing the different ad versions.

    What is Split Testing

    Split Test Calculator

    Note: Ensure you have your ad serving settings enabled to

    Rotate: Show ads more evenly. This will give you an accurate method to test.

    Source(s): Internet Marketing
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  • 1 decade ago

    Test them all.

    One advantage of Google Adwords is that you can run several ads simultaneously and see which ones get more clicks and more conversions. That way the market is deciding which ad is best rather than one or two supposed experts. Results can be surprising.

    So run all of them to see which one works best, and while you're doing that do some searches on relevant keywords and see what other people's ads look like -- just to get ideas.

    Also, make sure you have continuiting between your keywords, your ad and your landing page. This effects your quality score. Ideally you want keywords that relate to your ad and you want the landing page to have the same message as the ad and to emphasize the same things.

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