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Who wins Super Bowl 43?

Cardinals and Steelers fight it out in Tampa Bay. Can the Cardinals win their first Super Bowl? Will the Steelers set the record for the most Super Bowls of all time? YOU DECIDE!


The person closest to the actual score will get the points.

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    final score: 31-17

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    The Cardinals 34-27

  • Anonymous
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    STEELERS by a landslide

    -arizonas defense sucks and although the steelers dont have much of an offense to brag about big ben can take ward and holmes deep for tds plus parkers healthy and isnt playing against the #1 rush defense like last week

    -the steelers have the best defense in the league one blow from polamalu and warner will be scared into retirement


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    RaGS sez : either the Cardinals or the Steelers will in the game, but at this point, I'm unable to say which team ill win. I can say, however, that I like Arizona with 7 points! ;-)

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    Cardinals Win Their First. Steelers don't even deserve to be in the Superbowl....Talk about a FLUKE!!

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    the cardinals will choke,when everybody thinks they will not. this is how it goes down. the cardinals will score the 1st touchdown of the game. kurt warner to larry fitzgerrald. the rest of the 1st quarter will be a slugfest

    end of 1st- cards 7 steelers 0

    in 2nd quarter: Ben Roethlisberger throws touchdown pass to Holmes.

    then a few minutes later. The cardinals kick a field goal to take a 10-7 lead. Steelers kick a field goal at end of half to tie it at 10

    halftime- they talk about how the cardinals are outplaying the steelers, and how the steelers should feel pretty good that its a tie game.

    3rd quarter- steelers get ball and go on long mythotical drive that eats

    up 9:25, but only ends in a field goal. 13-10 steelers. cards go 3 and out. steelers get a few first downs and kick a field goal to go up by 6 points. 16-10 steelers lead

    4th Q- cards go on another 3 and out. steelers get a few first downs. then roethlisberger throws a short slant to hines ward, he runs down the sideline 35 yards for a touchdown. its 23-10 steelers leading big.

    then cardinals get ball back. Kurt Warner trying to comeback from a 13 point deficit with 8:29 left. completing 5 straight passes on amazing drive. they get to the steelers 28 yd line. with 5:56 left in the game kurt warner drops back and fakes it to fitzgerrald, but doesn't fool the defense, he passes to boldin, but its picked off by troy polamalu who runs it back to midfield. the steelers complete 2 long passes to set up 1st and goal on the six yd line. a sweep to willie parker on 2nd goal gets the steelers the knock out touchdown. 30-10 steelers. cardinals get the ball back with 4:16 left. they throw 3 straight incomplete passes. steelers get the ball back 3:48. the steelers run it for 4 yards on 1st down. arizona timeout. then willie parker picks up a first down. arizona timeout. willie parker again runs it for another first down. arizona spends last time out. willie parker runs it again for only 2 yards. 2nd down- willie parker for 4 yards. 3rd down- willie parker for 3 and a half yards. 2 minute warning. 4th and short. roethlisberger sneaks it for the first down. then a few kneel downs end the game.

    30-10 steelers win the superbowl

    MVP- Ben Roethisberger- 2 td passes. 0 interceptions. over 300 yards passing. 2 yards rushing.

    big disappointment for cardinals

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    Steelers will dominate with their beastly defense and win the game 31-13.

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    The Cardinals will shock the world.

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    Steelers by at least 21 points, and I am a Patriots fan

    Source(s): I only wish I new what Numbers I had in the pool so I can give a score
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    I'm going to go with the Steelers. It's all about the defense.

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