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Does radio Have to be conventional?

My friend & I have produced an hour long sketch & Music show. Not only airing it on a community radio station but also streaming from our very own website.

We produce, write, voice and edit all the sketches and sandwich them between some iconic pieces of music.

There's some thing about "talk radio" that makes our skin crawl. The sycophantic opinions, the patronizing attitude. Only forcing people like our selves into a position where monsters have to be created.

P.S : The introduction is a little frightening, but its only a minute or so, then into the show. But we would love your feed back.

Does radio Have to be conventional?

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    I disagree. As a 3-year devoted listener to Sirius Satellite Radio, I can share that Satellite radio is completely unconventional. More's the better. In one day, I listened to Lino Rullio The Catholic Guy doing a 'who's more Catholic?' quiz with a Father; Howard Stern; Barbara Walters interviewing Frank Langella; The Jamie Foxx channel where they discussed the Inauguration.

    Just a sample.

    With so many options, from classic radio like Abbott & Costello and Groucho Marx; censored and uncensored comedy routines by greats such as George Carlin and Chris Rock; dozens of commercial-free music stations; Jay Thomas; and Howard 100/101 - which provide 20-hours of live entertainment weekly.... It's astounding. I cannot imagine listening to conventional radio ever again.

    F the FCC. Long live SiriusXM.

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    Radio has to be conventional as well as modern because both types of persons are listening radio.....

    you can listen radio online here.

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