My wife wants to eat her placenta. Is it ok if she is vegan?

So my wife is 32 weeks in and has decided that she wants to eat her placenta. I know it sounds gross and weird but a lot of animals do it (even herbivores) and she did some research and found it help with postpartum depression.

I'm just wondering if it is ok for her to eat it because we are vegan and well, it's meat.


Thank you for your input, but I would really like to know if it would be un-vegan of her? I mean, you swallow yourown blood when you cut your tongue, this is just much bigger. Is it ok for a vegan to eat it if it came from her own body? What about tasting her own breast milk?

2 months ago

Please don't judge me or my wife, you don't like it when people are nasty to you. Sh just believes it's a natural thing to do.

Will she get sick even if it's just from her own body? I've been vegan for 6 years and she became vegan when we started dating (she was a veggie for a year before). I could probably convince her not to do it, as I'm not all that keen on the idea. But what about breast milk? Will that also make her sick if she tastes it?

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    No, i think its perfectly fine, i know a lot of people who have done it. As it comes from her own body, i dont think it would be 'unvegan' of her. I thought vegetatarianism and veganism was aginst killing other animals? Btw her own milk is fine, as agin its from her own body, and no it wont make her ill :).

    Hope i helped


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    I'm not a vegan but it is my understanding that vegan's do not want to kill or harm living things. Her placenta is no longer a living thing once her baby is cut from it. Also, it has many nutrients in it and should be really good for her.

    She may get sick for digestive reasons. If her body no longer makes the enzymes it needs to break that down she could vomit, have diarhea, or some discomfort.

    Breast milk won't ever hurt her or you unless it is infected because she is sick.

    You should research what the placenta is composed of to see which enzymes will break it down.

    It's not gross. It's just a non western thing to do. And kind of a hippie thing to do. =)

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    As horrifically gross as that is, I don't think it would actually hurt her. Personally, I would never be able to get past the smell of it. I have heard of some cultures who bury it and plant a tree with it as a symbol for their child. Maybe you can talk her into doing that.

    Tasting her breastmilk will not hurt her at all. Many women do it as they are curious what it tastes like and what they are feeding their baby. To each his own I guess!

    Another thing to consider with the placenta, if she gives birth in a hospital they may not allow her to take the placenta as it is considered medical waste.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse and mom of 2, ttc #3
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    well your a vegan for what reasons? i believe most of you just font believe in eatin meat because of animal rights? or religious reasons?

    if so. eatin the placenta would not be violating that but its a personal choice. although eatin something like a placenta could make you sick caz its not something thats meant to be consumed or thats gonna have a natural taste...its probly going to taste quite fleshy.. something she isnt used to especially considering she doesnt eat meat.. but if she can stomach it n get it down go ahead.. i think the practice is a little wierd n honestly theres no proof it helps post partum.. post partum has to do with your hormones nothing you eat changes your hormones besides medication...

    & breast milk is also wierd but perfectly fine to consume

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    in case you're a vegan who's undertaking with animals existence. it particularly is okay. enable him consume her placenta. i think of she is yearning for meat and nonetheless do not prefer to consume animal meat. in case you're a vegan undertaking on your individual wellness, it particularly is debatable. woman's placenta is nutritious in fact, it particularly is utilized in soaps and different splendor products and placenta makes your spouse look youthful. chinese language food actually have a brilliant style of theory to cook dinner it. only dodge to cook dinner it with animal fat, milk, cheese, egg and different animal products. it is likewise ok if she will drink her breast milk yet only 25% or much less. The 75% for the infant.

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    I think that depends on if she is comfortable with it. If she doesn't want to eat meat or animal products EVER then this would be going against her own practices, but if she wants to eat it then let her. She needs to have it released from the hospital though- they won't just send her home with it without some paperwork being filled out, so she'll have to notify her doctor ahead of time.

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    omg!why do people have to be so rude on here?anyhoo...

    eating her placenta?

    i have never heard of that before.personal opinon i think it would un-vegan her because it is meat.

    tasting the breast milk...i have heard of that one before and no it wont make her sick as long it is just a taste.

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    Well, technically, it's still the meat of an animal. And in this case, you are eating it deliberately - so it's not like swallowing blood when you cut your tongue. If she hasn't eating animal products for so long, her body might not take it in so well. Good luck.

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    Your body is getting rid of it for a reason.

    Ask yourself, would you eat your own boogers?

    How about poop?

    If it's meant to come OUT of your body. That's the way it should stay.

    Yes animals eat their own placenta, but that's because they usually plan to keep their young in the same area they gave birth in. If they left the placenta there, a predator would smell it and come to investigate.

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    I am not a doctor but i don't think she would get sick. I think as for the whole "vegan" thing it is her discretion of whether or not it would be "unvegan" of her. Id talk to your/her doctor to make sure it is all okay

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