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information on Jerome Singer the psychologist? ?

Jerome Singer is a man responsible for the Schachter-singer theory of emotion. i found a lot of information on Stanely Schachter but I cannot find any on Jerome Singer such as when he was born and where or what college he went to. If you find any websites or information on Jerome Singer that would be awesome

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    Jerome (Jay) R. Singer is Professor of Engineering Science, Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, where he taught and carried on research for twenty five years in the EECS and Biophysics Departments. He was also an Adjunct Professor of Radiology at the University of California, San Francisco for several years where he carried forward research on imaging systems. His university research centered around Quantum Electronics and Magnetic Resonance. He has had 75 research students, including: Larry Crooks, Thomas Grover, Tom Hoenninger, James Kemp, Joel Libove, Oliver Morse, Joseph Murphy, Moshe Fostick, Andrew Poggio, William Rowan, William Sinclair, Amnon Yariv, Joseph Wakabayashi, and Kent Wanlass.

    He has published more than 100 scientific publications, and is the author of two books. He was the chairman of the Second International Conference on Quantum Electronics, and contributed to, and edited the book of the conference proceedings. He was the editor of, and a contributor to the first issue of the IEEE which was devoted to Quantum Electronics.

    He and his graduate student collaborators have jointly been awarded 16 patents.

    His research work was seminal in initiating the development of MRI.

    A colleague, Paul Lauterbur, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on MRI, references Jay Singer as the pioneer of MRI in his published Nobel Prize Speech.

    In addition, Dr. Singer founded or co-founded several hi-tech companies, including:

    Alpha Scientific Labs, Inc., Data Systems Design, Inc., Sierra-Misco Corp, Dual Systems Corporation, UniSoft Corporation, Singer Associates, Inc., Electrascan, Inc., and Four D Imaging, Inc.

    He has been a consultant to The U. S. Army Research and Development Laboratory, California Research Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Lockheed Aerospace, Thermionics Corp., Wang NMR,Inc., Philco-Ford-Aeronutronics, Diasonics Corporation, National Institute of Health, and the National Science Foundation.

    He was married to Margaret T. Singer, a well-known professor of psychology, who died in 2002.

    His two children, Dr. Martha R. Singer, and Samuel Singer, live in Berkeley with their spouses, Richard Jennings and Sharon Singer. He has four grandchildren, Nicholas Singer, James Singer, Zoe Jennings, and Max Jennings.

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