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Sir Palamedes (A knight of the round table)?

Name: Sir Palamedes


Connection to King Arthur:???

Family Emblem/Crest:???


Early Training:???

Code of Chivalry:???

Chivalrous Deeds:???

can u ppl try to answer these questions for me?

its not that i'm busy lazy but i can't find anything for this knight

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    See here for a reasonable discussion: http://www.celtic-twilight.com/camelot/bruce_dicti... . As Bruce indicates, and as we can expect when dealing with Arthurian tales, the stories often don’t agree with one another. Also look up references to connected characters in Bruce at http://www.celtic-twilight.com/camelot/bruce_dicti...

    See http://www.heraldica.org/topics/arthur.htm for some Arthurian heraldry. But note that this is just a list that someone drew up in medieval times.Illustrators usually didn’t follow it any more than they did anything else.

    Palamides first appears in the medieval Prose Tristan as a rival to Tristan. You can find the first two-thirds of the Prose Tristan adapted and abridged in Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d'Arthur”. For this Tristan material, see Books VIII to X and look in the chapter headings at http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/mart/ . For Malory’s own inventions, see http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/mart/mart350.htm and the next three books.

    Also, after the grail quest Palamedes (or Palomides as Malory sometimes calls him) is mentioned a few times and is supposedly still one of Arthur’s finest knights. He goes over to Lancelot’s side when war breaks out. But this is all Malory's own invention. According to the most common account Palamedes was killed by Gawain during the Quest of the Grail, as related in the “Prose Tristan” and the “Post-Vulgate Quest of the Grail”'.

    Palamedes was famous for his rivalry with Tristan for the love of Iseult, though Iseult never reciprocated.

    Palamedes was a pagan, though in the time of his early career this was not generally known. He came with his father and brothers to Britain from the middle east. Accordingly, he would probably been a Zoroastrian in the 5th century. But he was probably mostly thought of as a Muslim by medieval readers. But very little is made of this.

    His twelve brothers were killed by the mysterious Questing Beast, and Palamedes devoted his life to hunting it down. He succeeded during the search for the Grail according to the Grail quests in the “Prose Tristan” and “Post-Vulgate Arthuraian Cycle”. But Malory does not reproduce this material, so it has not be widespread in English. Accordingly some English authors imagine that neither Palamedes nor anyone caught the beast. But various French texts relate how Palamedes struck it with his spear, and accompanied by Galahad and Perceval, pursued it into a lake from which it never emerged.

    According to the “Post-Vulgate”, Palamedes was eventually Christened by Galahad. But the “Prose Tristan” just claims that Palamedes decided to accept Christianity one day when he was in Arthur's court.

    According to the “Post-Vulgate” Quest, the nine extra knights who sat at the Grail table with Galahad, Perceval, and Bors were all Round Table knights and one of them was Palamedes.

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    My very own famous is Sir Gingalain. even nonetheless, the main celebrated knight is definitely Gawain. even nonetheless, in case you're finding for a sturdy hero for a narrative, i might pick the two Galahad or Percival (they're usually considered organic of heart.) Sir Kay is often theory to be the main respected knight, nonetheless he's especially inept on the battlefield. He replaced right into a distinctive buddy to King Arthur. Lancelot replaced into probably maximum effectual, yet he replaced right into a especially undesirable guy, and he ultimately made a substantial contribution to the downfall of Camelot.

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