Need help buying a Tig Welder. Lincoln, Hobart, Miller? ?

Here are a few I've been looking at:


Miller-Diversion 165,

Lincoln Electric-Econo Tig.

Are these good welders? I would like to have one that would weld Aluminum as well as steel, its my understanding you must have an AC/DC for that correct?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    always buy a welder with more duty cycle than you think you need. A welder rated at 100amps 20% duty cycle can only weld at 100 amps for 2 minutes out of 10. for aluminum you need seperate tools ( brushes,grinder discs etc ) to prevent contamination of the alum. a welder that will accept a spool gun is well worth the money. 120V welders are junk , low amps & duty cycle. a welder that has a therm. controlled cooling fan rather than a full time fan is much better as it only pumps dirty smoke & dust filled air through your welder when it needs cooling rather than all the time. I have a millermatic 251 mig welder that works great expensive but problem free 6yrs

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    1 decade ago

    Call Weld Action Co., they've always done great by us.

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