Can you give me comment on my essay about Christianity? It's almost finished. Be as mean as you like!?

I don't really want to hand it in but in a way i do.

I'm 15 and in S4 in scotlan (year 11 in england) just so you know

I need to finish it and link it all up, but do you think it's a bit, em one-sided?

what quotations could i use?

anything else i could say?

any suggestions ?



Many of us believe in God, the majority of this country believing in Christianity. However, there are many fundamental flaws in the Bible- and many other religious texts for that matter- that lead me to believe that God- in the sense of religion- does not exist. Although I agree in many of the values set in the Bible, some are hypocritical and many contradict each other. In this essay I will focus on why I deem the Bible to be untrue.

Christianity depends on the belief that God is omnibenevolent and most Christians believe that God is omniscient and omnipotent. These three things cannot all be true simultaneously. If God is omniscient and omnipotent, he can abolish evil, but must not want to; therefore god is not all-good, which contradicts the Christian idea itself. If God is truly all-good, he must not be either all-powerful or all-knowing, because there indeed is evil. If God is not either all-powerful or all-knowing, then I don’t believe he can be considered a God.

Update 2:

Being omniscient, God must have known that billions of humans would either not find or accept his ‘plan of salvation’. Despite this, God went ahead with his plan to create the universe, allowing these people to burn in a lake of fire for eternity. With this foreknowledge, it is beyond question that he actively chose to execute and punish billions of human beings. To me, this proves that God can’t possibly be all-good.

In Genesis, God cursed the entire earth and all things living on it because of the disobedience of Adam. This alleged disobedience took place before Adam and Eve had any knowledge of right and wrong. A loving God would not curse his creation, creating pain, suffering and death for everything ever born because of the mistake of one man.

Update 3:

The creation of pain and suffering was not the only terrible thing God inflicted on the world. After angering that his creation had gone astray, God decided to flood the entire earth only saving those people who trusted Him enough to aboard Noah’s Ark. Ignoring the practical impossibility to build a massive ark by hand with only ones sons to help, get two of every animal in existence on board, and tell every person alive that they should pack away their lives to join a mad man, a loving God would never want to kill virtually everything on the planet.

Update 4:

The Bible states God made every man equal. This suggests women aren’t equal to men. Perhaps the first example of this is when God created Eve, the first woman, and Adam was to be her master. When the Bible was written, this was customary, but surely God being all-good would have recognised that this is unfair and being all-knowing would have known that it was illogical. Also contrary to the statement that all men are born equal, God seems at ease with the concept of slavery. He even sets guidelines that are often ridiculous and oppose the notion that all men are equal. For example, if a slave dies whilst being beaten by his master, this is sinful. However if the slave dies later from the effects of the beating, this is somehow justifiable.

Update 5:

God provided mankind an escape from his damnation, but for whatever reason, has strongly put forth this plan in some regions of the earth, and almost completely ignored other regions. For example, there were American Indians living and dying at the time of Christ, and had no way of knowing about Christ's existence or sacrifice. Yet, at the same time, Christ was making appearances and doing miraculous works in Palestine. To this day, there are people who don’t know about the Bible and many more who have been brought up to have different beliefs. If God in the Christian sense does exist, then, through no fault of their own, millions of people can’t save themselves from damnation because of a lack of knowledge that an all-powerful God could have made available, and an all-good God would have wanted all to know.

Update 6:

an all-good God would have wanted all to know.

Many of the notions that Christians believe are in the height of ignorance and are extremely egotistical, such as the idea that we are the centre of the universe and man was created in the image of God. Conversely, God was created in the image of man. However, the Bible does call for ignorance, such as "Trust in the LORD ... lean not unto thine own under-standing ... Be not wise in thine own eyes." – Proverbs 3.5, 3.7.

and that's bascially as far as i got! it's a bit ity-bity but hey. please comment

Update 7:

I haven't read the whole Bible, but when was younger, I started and got to Numbers. I know thats not very far but I did go to Sunday School until I was about 11 so do know a bit about it from that.

I don't feel I have let people tell me what to think. Sure, I have taken some of what I have heard seriously but I believe I choose what to think.

I have read and watch programmes on Christianity from many different viewpoints- Christian, Jewish, scientific, historic

i'm inclined to be more trustworthy of the latter two- I like to see proof and fully understand things before conclude. I don't know if this is good thing or not, but it is me. Thankyou all of you for your viewpoints

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    i don not want to argue. I do think your essay is a bot 1 sided. I have to ask if you have gone and read through the entire bible and looked at historical facts before making a decision on your faith and opinions or if you allowed someone to decide for you by putting ideas into your head. I understand that the bible is hard to understand at first. Perhaps you misinterpreted some of it. I personally do not think the bible contradicts itself. There are principles are world was built on that I don't think anyone has explained to you. I can take you through some basics if you want to help with the essay to even it out a bit. For example, when Satan fell from heaven he fell to earth causing chaos on it. He fell because he wanted to be greater than God. Can Frankenstein be greater than Dr. Frankenstein or a student greater than his teacher. God recreated the earth so that man could dominate it. He made everything in it beautiful and wonderful. They had everything they could ever need or want. It was the allure of what they could not have and the idea that God was holding out on them that drove them to eat from the tree and disobey God. God warned them. They knew enough to know it was wrong to eat from that tree. Why didn't they trust God? He was always faithful to them. He warned them what would happen. When they disobeyed they gave their dominion to satan which allowed corruption to infiltrate the earth; sickness, death, poverty, hardship. Though the world belonged to God, he could no longer come and take control of it. He had given His word of dominion to Adam and Adam gave it to satan. It is like owning a building and leasing it to someone. Just because it is your doesn't mean you can walk in whenever you want anymore you rented it out. You need permission to come in. God however had a plan in place to redeem the world. He sent His son in human form to get dominion back. Jesus then gave dominion to back to us, but we have to believe and arm ourselves against attacks. People have a choice to be good or bad. They also have a choice what religion to choose and whether they want to search for truth or just believe what they are told. Also, Jesus gave a command to His people to go into ALL the world and preach the gospel. It is also the responsibility of Christians to make sure people hear about Jesus and have the opportunity to choose Him as their savior. If they do not they will be held accountable for that on judgment day. I advise you to read Driven by Eternity by John Bevere. I don't think it will sway your opinions but it will give you the opportunity to see different views, expound on your views and consider what is and isn't true. I advise you to research religions before making any judgments. Look into everything and truly make an informed decision. Go to church services and religious leaders. let them know why you are there and research until you find your own answer. The world is more complicated than most of us think. Open up your mind and heart. Pray that if there is a real God that He open your eyes to the truth. Search for the truth without judgments. I had similar ideas years ago but after careful study and a heartfelt search my opinion changed. You can write me if you want to ask anymore question. Like I said I am not here to debate. I am just trying to help where I can. I hope your report goes well.

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    I just scanned what you wrote because it is too long to sit here and read

    since I am at work.(looking around for the boss) The only thing I can suggest is to omit your own personal opinion.

    Let the reader draw his/her own conclusions. Other than that it is

    pretty good. Hope I wasn't too harsh.

    Good luck and I hope you get a good grade.

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    I am so happy that you are reading the Bible. My only other comment is....DON'T STOP!

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