What is the appeal of the democratic party?

school assignment to be able to sell the democratic party.

Why do you consider yourself a democrat/liberal? What qualities/policies of the democratic party do you find appealing enough to want to join the party? What do you think are some major selling points for the party?

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    First, it should be pointed out that the party is a pretty big umbrella party that envelopes a lot of different liberal factions, just as the Republican party envelopes different conservative factions.

    Any point you make for either party might not be embraced by that entire party. For example, Democrats are for more government regulation in the economy in order to prevent any underhandedness, unfairness, or criminal acts, while promoting fairness and growth. The problem, however is that not all Dems want complete regulation, and some probably want less. And some want more, of course.

    Democrats usually vote on more liberal policies such as pro-choice options or gun control. But again, not every liberal minded individual holds these beliefs simply because their party does.

    If one had to sell the democratic party, it may be helpful to point out that the liberal stance allows for more debate. The beliefs are subject to adaptation per cultural change. Hence "liberal". The Democratic party, in theory, is designed to work for the public welfare.

    Conservativism, even by definition, holds it's views staunchly. It too is designed for the public welfare, but does not adapt to public opinion. The views of conservatives usually revolve around traditional or fundamental beliefs that require the individual to conform to the belief.

    However, it must be also pointed out that neither party can ever be classified as "better" than the other. Both parties are only as good as the people running them. And that is why many problems exist. Corrupt or misguided politicians make for bad interpretations of said parties' beliefs.

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    We have better looking male candidates for president than the Republicans, plus all of the HOT stars support Democrats, so if you are into man candy, its the right party for you...lol. get it? right party? its a left party? damn I crack myself up.

    But seriousely, democrats are better looking, so everyone thinks they too will be better looking just by association. Democrats also are better educated, and more creative and talented than Republicans. Democrats do not need to hide behind religion to have ideas about things They are independent thinkiers. Democrats are better liked in foreign countries than Republicans who act lioke "Ugly Americans" when on vacations"

    Democrats throw WAY better parties than Republicans. Democrats dress better than Republicans.

    More Republicans vote for Democrats than Democrats vote for Republicans.

    Everyone likes blue better than red.

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    it's better .. less evil than the republican party..

    republican party is a pack of lying thieves.

    republican party gets you to vote against your own interest so they can loot and steal from you.. or they just flat out steal the elections with dibold electronic voting.

    the democrats have their slime too. like pelosi.. who really worked for same people as bush to destroy the country.. and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER.. selling our nation out to the international bankers trying to steal it. notice that pelosi backed bush when it counted.. ried not much better.. both traitors..

    problem is the NWO .. traitors.. have infiltrated our govt.. in both parties.

    the democrats seem to be concerned with the survival of the middle class tho.. while the republicans only cared about he super rich corporate types. and their own personal wealth.

    without the middle class that made .. and kept america great.. the country will topple.. exactly what the NWO wants.. soit can get rid of the us constitution and it's protections and freedoms.. and enslave.. er recreate the country as mexico america canada.. .. all stepping stones to a one world corporate run govt.. with the elites at the top.. and the rest of us slaves.. with NO WHERE TO RUN>> NO WHERE TO HIDE>> NO WHERE TO BE FREE..

    that's the bush goal..

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    The appeal is that you don't have to take any responsibility for your actions. Everything is someone else's fault.

    If you're a thief or drug dealer, it's because you grew up poor and only wanted a better life. If you beat your wife, it's because you saw Daddy hit Mommy. If you beat your child, it's because you were beaten as a child. Whatever you do, it's not your fault!

    It also allows you to never have to defend your beliefs. You just shout louder and louder until no one can hear the opposition. If you can't shout over them, you pass laws so that they can't state their opinion. (Read about the "Fairness Doctrine" which is anything but fair.)

    It allows you the ultimate hypocrisy without question. You believe in killing innocent babies, but not adults that commit horrible crimes. You believe in being able to shock and offend anyone you wish with any behavior or dress, but, if anyone even slightly offends you, you go to the authorities and make them stop. You believe in "spreading the wealth," but only the wealth of others. You don't have to actually give up your own money. Leave that for the red states. They are the most charitable.

    Being a liberal means never having to grow up and make the hard decisions. No one wants to go to war, but more so, no one wants to live under a brutal dictator. If you're a liberal, you just make the conservatives fix your messes - just like a baby, you're not responsible for anything!

    For the record, the Republican party is just as diverse as the Democrats. Look at the cabinet appointments made by Reps vs. Dems, and you'll see the truth. Republicans believe that the best person should get the job - regardless of color. Go out on the net and look at GW's top aides vs. Clinton's and BO's. You'll get the true story.


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    There is no appeal. Its what you think about on the topics of major problems that face us. You can be in the middle on both sides. There are problems, stupid people, and bad decisions from both parties so there isn't a perfect party to join. Its whatever you want. You can choose neither and be an independent or undecided. This country is not simply blue or red, its full of different people with different ideas.

    One side may say, yadda yadda and the other say blah blah, but it is you that chooses on which one to listen to, or both, or none. Good luck in what you want to be and don't be bogged down by all the negatives, cause both sides have them.

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    Having the masses band together for the good of all.

    Of course, that places unfair burdens on hard workers & give to much to slackers. And the ability of politicians to buy votes with the promise of govt handouts grows exponentially. People love to get something for nothing.

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    Libs / dems see the govt as answer to all problems, personal to global, ignoring the facts that no govt policy, law or program has ever actually worked very well or most of the time, at all. Try dealing with the IRS or social security admin. What a joke.

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    Huh, permit's see are you extremely on objective right here? Obama gained by ability of a landslide in this election. the two whites, blacks and different races/ethnicities voted for him. So are you claiming that basically white females voted for Obama? Non-experience.

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    recognizing that all men and women are equal.

    And multicultural too (compare the Democratic convention to that of the Republican, you'll notice a diverse array of people in the Dems convention which is a true reflection of America.)

    That alone says a lot!

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    You don't have to live a moral life or let Christian beliefs have a part in you life. You can do as you please without guilt and blame others for your problems. You can keep busy protesting traditional values and help ruin this country for everyone else who thinks differently than you. And you get to name call like racist, homophobe, right wing wacko, and any other disparaging remarks as you please.

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