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will a 2002 toyota tacoma trd 3.4 liter engine fit in a 2002 toyota solara sle v6?

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    It is a bit more complicated than that. The 3.4 liter engine in the Tacoma is an in-line engine, meaning that when it sits in the engine bay, the cylinders are lined up in the same direction that the vehicle is pointed. This is the usual way that most rear or 4-wheel drive vehicles have their engines for the best "packaging" and transmission of power to the transmission and wheels.

    The Solara uses a transverse engine configuration which is most common on front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars and vehicles. This gives better packaging and room for passengers along with the transmission in this type of vehicle.

    What I'm trying to say is that given an unlimited amount of time, money and technical know-how, you can put any engine into any vehicle. However, in this case, it probably isn't practical with the amount of engineering required to do so.

    Hope this helps.


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    "the car was flooded about two years ago" If you mean flooded with water, my advice is to unload it. It will NEVER be right again. That's what happens when you buy a discounted POS buddy. P.S. you list about 1500 things that either don't work or don't work RIGHT, and then claim this car is not a POS???? you're nuts man (by the way. I love Toyotas. I own several)

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    No. Not until 2003 or higher.

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    No,one is FWD,other is RWD,big difference.

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    Sorry, but it will not.

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