question about divorce and domestic battery restraining orders in wisconsin.?

Me and my husband split in may of 07 when he was arrested for battery against me while i was pregnant, and got 90 days for it, and then got revoked for a year because he was on probation, so i didn't file for a restraining order then because the told me i had to wait until he was out of prison first. My question is, since i'm going threw a divorce would it be possible to still file for a domestic restraining order since i am deathly afraid that it might happen again, and could they put my daughter on it as well since he's never hurt her, but i am afraid he could hurt her since he's a sex offender as well.? just looking for some advice, if anyone has dealt with it before.

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    I don't know what part of Wisconsin you live in but if you live in Dane County, this is what I found:

    How to Obtain a Restraining Order

    The following information is provided by the Sheriff's Office and Domestic Abuse Intervention Services.

    A Domestic Abuse Temporary Restraining Order / Injunction is designed for the protection of domestic abuse victims. You can apply for an order by going to the Probate Office, which is located in Room 1005 of the Dane County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton St., Madison during regular business hours. There is no fee for the petitioner.

    In most cases, a Restraining Order can be served by a Dane County Sheriff's Deputy on the same day that it is applied for. If the arrested person is still in jail, it can be served on him/her immediately in the jail.

    At the time the temporary order is issued, a hearing date is usually set within 7 days to make the order permanent. Any violation of either a Temporary Restraining Order or an Injunction is a criminal violation which will result in the defendant being immediately arrested.

    Domestic Abuse Intervention Services provides a free legal advocacy program to assist you in obtaining a Restraining Order/Injunction. For support, information, legal assistance, or shelter, call their Help and Crisis Line at (608) 251-4445 or 1-800-747-4045 (24 hours, Language Line and TDD).

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    If I were you I would file for the restraining order. Because you are filing for a divorce doesn't mean he will stay away from you. You may be able to add your daughter also if you are concerned about her well being and because he is a sex offender.


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