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Notation Question For II-V-I Cadence In Minor Key ?

I am reading a book which explains the rules for notating a II-V-I minor cadence. The key signature has a flat on the A,B and E and show the II as being a Dø7, the V as a G7 and the I as a Gm7. Everything checks out until the Gm7. The chord is labeled a Gm7, but notated as either a C7 or C6 (am unclear since the B in the chord is preceded by a flat accidental and the key already shows a flat for B so am not sure if it should be treated as a double flat) there are two questions:

1: is the B treated as a double flat?

2: why is the Cm7 comprised of C,E,G,(Bb or A) rather than C,Eb,G,Bb in the cadence and why is it not labeled differently.

The only rule the book has is that the I chord will be minor, yet it is not showing a minor chord and gives no further explanation.



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    Three flats – Bb, Eb, Ab – mean that you're in C minor.

    A fairly standard minor II-V-I would be Dø - G7(b9) - Cm*

    Dø ... D-F-Ab-C

    G7(b9) ... G-B-D-F-Ab

    Cm* ... various options: Cm6 (C-Eb-G-A) or Cm7 (C-Eb-G-Bb) or Cm∆ (C-Eb-G-B)

    (The preference is often for Cm6 or Cm∆, even though both A-natural and B-natural are foreign to the key signature.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    1. The B (flat) isn't being treated as a double flat. The flat sign is just cancelling the B-natural from the previous V chord. (The normal procedure in jazz and commercial music would be to indicate the Bb when it occurs so soon after the B-natural, regardless of the fact that the barline is understood to cancel the natural anyway.)

    2. The Eb from the key signature is "good" – it hasn't been cancelled at any stage.


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    1. No. It's probably just a reminder flat.

    2. Doesn't the E flat in the key signature make it C Eb G Bb?

    B, E, and A flat is the key of C minor, so the I should be a C minor chord. I'm guessing Gm7 is a typo.

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