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how to make my 99 s10 blazer ?

Look nice in the inside ? Like so it looks like a 99 when it is 2009 Cuz im going to be driving it for a while.


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    i own a 98(same thing), i think they look rather nice inside as long as they are nice and clean, i have black floor mats front and back(advance auto $20) and a fairly dark tint, and its looks nice, an aftermarket headunit also looks nice as long as you can find the rear harness. i just armor all my interior makes it look all shiny and new, not really too much too do interior wise, unless your a chevy enthusiast and want the chevy logo seat covers and floormats which you can pick up at walmart but the best way to look it nice is keep it in good condition and clean, if you have any other questions hit me up just email me. x1998blazer4x4wvx

    Source(s): personal experience.
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