Sidekick 3 or Sidekick 3 Diane Von Furstenberg?easy 10 pts. just tell me which 1 do u prefer.?

i'm planning to buy one this week, so which one do you think i should get?? i already know where to buy,their both unlocked so i just have to put a sim, the DVF is $35 more than the regular sidekick, on the regular one i'm getting it refurbished, and on the DVF it says "This phone is in excellent cosmetic and with working condition with only a bit signs of use. It may have an extremely minor scuffing from gentle use. Phone has been fully tested and works great", which one do you think have less scratch, and is better condition??

-please answer ASAP

-appreciate everyone who answers!, oh yea! best ones get 10 pts.! :D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Defenitly Sidekick 3 DVF version, but honestly I have a sidekick gecko (Sidekick 2008) and it is way more better than the Sidekick 3.

    If I was you I would totaly get the 2008 version cause it will do tons more than the others do and allot cheaper. I would reserch the 2008 version If i was you, cause it might be the one for you.

  • 3 years ago

    properly, there is no basic thank you to get out of this occasion. you may are becoming to be the insurance in case you reside the place you reside, yet a lesson discovered comes from a defective. have confidence me, you may are becoming to be the insurance - comparable is going for any telephone over $a hundred and fifty. yet you the two will only prefer to analyze out eBay and get a sparkling sim card from t-cellular. next time, be arranged.

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