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Proactiv®... Does it work?

Does Proactiv® work?

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    Honestly, yes, Proactiv works.

    But it smells TERRIBLE.

    Plus, Neutrogena works even better!

    And it smells good(:

    Put two and two together..

    Either get Proactive and gag everytime you open the containers.

    Or get Neutrogena and smile when you open the containers xD

    Neutrogena works faster and more efficiently, also.

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    I was hoping someone would ask this question

    NO it does not work for all races if you are white I believe it will work im not being racist but it will for asians its a 50 percent chance it will for mixed people its a 40 percent chance it will and 60 percent chance it won't . my twin and i have tried it and she is a little lighter like about a half shade lighter than me any ways im the more mixed one than her [hard to explain] and it messed my face up bad so i had to use nitrogena acne mask cream like you just put it on let it dry and take it off in 30 mins night and day and it works but she still uses proactive and well it made big pimples on her nose and stuff mine are almost gone from using nitro gina

    Source(s): a person whos acne wis leaving
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    For some people. But for the people that it DOES work for it gets redder for a cuple of days and brings the gunk to da top and then gets better.

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    It worked tremendously for my older brother.

    In a few weeks you could see a huge difference.

    I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get rid of acne.

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    i have skin that is sometimes oily but then sometimes dry and flaky i didnt work for me, i made my skin either oily or flaky... I will say that the one tube for just one or two pimple (the facemask thing) works great on whiteheaads and trouble spots!

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    First of all, don't trust anyone who can't spell "Neutrogena"

    Second of all, it works wonders for some people, but stay away if you have sensitive skin.

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    it worked mildly.

    if you want real results fast go to the doctor. worked for me.

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    Good question...

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