Why does Alcohol make me horny?

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Alcohol makes me horny, and Caffeine has the same effect. I understand that Caffeine is a stimulant, but Alcohol is a depressant. So, why does alcohol make my sex drive erratic, ...show more
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It's because you lose your inhibitions.
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  • andrea answered 5 years ago
    One of alcohol's effects is known as disinhibition. A sober person might feel like he or she wants to do something, but holds back due to self-control and judgment; a drunk person would lose those inhibitions and is more inclined to do whatever has been held back.

    Alcohol also affects the part of the pack of the brain that controls arrousal. This means that any men and women have a horny affect from it.
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  • Hamze . answered 5 years ago
    o.o maybe its a typle of allergicness or you get drunk very fast
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  • x-factor answered 5 years ago
    increased sexual drive is pretty common with men and women, I assume its because alcohol lowers inhibitions.
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