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Do you guys think this is a good Raw for WWE? I think this might be a good three hour special hour show on Raw?

1. The Miz & John Morrison & The Brian Kendrick & Ezikiel Jackson V.S Carlito & Primo & Cryme tyme ( eight man tag team match )

2. CM Punk V.S Shelton Benjamin " Intercontinental champion V.S United States champion

3. Jack Swagger V.S Vladimir Koslov " Singles match "

4. Beth Pheonix & Michelle McCool & Natalya V.S Maryse & Maria & Melina " 6 diva tag team match "

5. Kane V.S The Big Show " Battle of the monsters" Also to settle the score for WWE Night of Champions 2009

6. Charlimir Haaslov " Charlie Haas's next impercination" V.S The Undertaker

7. DX & Rey Mysterio V.S JBL & Randy Orton & Edge " 6 man tag team match "

8. John Cena V.S Jeff Hardy " World Heavyweight champion V.S WWE Champion" "Raw V.S Smackdown "

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    I think that would make an awesome 3 hour special except I would change charlie hasses oppenent to the boogeyman

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    Match 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8 would be my favorites.

    3 would be okay.

    2, 7 would bore me.

    Yes I said CM Punk and DX would be in boring matches.

  • i don't know about the rest of the matches but i really like the 8th 1...john cena vs jeff hardy...i like both of them(jeff is my 1st fav) so i wud luv 2 know wich is the better wrestler between them wud be a great match 2 watch and also becoz cena and jeff r according 2 me the most or 1 of the most valuable stars of wwe and i wud luv 2 see wich 1 people cheer 4 more...i think jeff...

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    i like every think but the Kane VS Big Show match i would think it would get boring fast

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